JVP Fund Team

MK Dr. Erel N. Margalit


Elected to the Israeli Knesset in 2013 on behalf
of the Labor Party, MK Dr. Margalit is a
visionary who 
strives to bring...


Elected to the Israeli Knesset in 2013 on behalf of the Labor Party, MK Dr. Margalit is a visionary who strives to bring innovative leadership to Israel’s most pressing political, economic, and social challenges. As an Israeli
entrepreneur with nearly 30 years of experience in leading successful start-ups, large companies and social and cultural endeavors, Dr. Margalit is among the leading architects of the “Start-Up Nation”, standing at the center of Israel’s technological revolution in the 1990s, working with legendary Jerusalem Mayor Teddy Kollek. During these years, they solidified Israel’s capital as a high-tech hub bringing over 70 technology companies to the region and launching the country’s first four technological incubators.


In 1993 Margalit founded Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) helping create and build some of the largest and most noteworthy technology companies out of Israel, transforming them into global enterprises. From its founding until January 2011, Erel assisted in building numerous technology companies that are today global enterprises with traction in Israel, the United States, Europe and Asia. In addition to helping to orchestrate the $4.8 billion sale of Chromatis to Lucent Technologies in 2000, Erel successfully led exists such as Netro (initial public offering, JVP subsequently sold its shares at a $5.5 billion company valuation), Precise (initial public offering and subsequently acquired by Veritas), Scorpio (acquired by US Robotics), Fundtech, ViryaNet, Jacada, Cogent and Allot among others, in addition to serving as Chairman of market leaders such as CyOptics and CyberArk before his transition to politics. In 2005, Forbes international business magazine selected Margalit as the top-ranking non-American venture capitalist on its prestigious "Midas List.” In 2010, The Marker Magazine named him the Venture Capitalist with the Golden Touch.


Seeking to drive social change in Israel, Margalit and his wife founded the community based non-profit project, JVP Bakehila (In the Community), which for the past twelve years has transformed the lives of more than 25,000 children in Jerusalem working both in public schools and the communities, with a view to strengthening society from within. Each year, 45 year of service volunteers, 18 year old agents of change work within these communities transforming the lives of these youngsters.


Since his election to the Israeli Knesset in 2013, Margalit has proved to be an innovative public leader with an economic vision, pursuing collaborative approaches that promote economic development. Building on his business acumen, Margalit is bringing regional development to Israel’s new frontiers in the Galilee in the far North and in the Negev in the far South, regions that present new economic opportunities. In cooperation with regional leadership, Margalit is in the process of creating seven regions of excellence and innovation across the country that will attract investment, generate jobs and bring growth to areas of the country that have been left behind.

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Gadi Tirosh

Managing Partner (Jerusalem)

With his strong background in media related software and internet based R&D organizations...

With his strong background in media related software and internet based R&D organizations. Gadi is a leading member of JVP's team, as well as a Chairman of the Board of Cyber-Ark, Playcast and Siano and a board member on numerous boards including ThetaRay, GreenSQL and AnyClip. Gadi’s experience has provided him with strong domain expertise in both the consumer infrastructure world and service provider needs. Before joining JVP, Gadi was Corporate VP of Product Marketing and member of the executive committee for NDS (recently acquired by Cisco for $5bn), a leader in digital pay-TV systems, supporting some of the largest digital broadcast platforms such as DIRECTV, BSkyB, Canal Digital and more. At NDS, Gadi established the business of digital interactive TV in the late 90s, catering to the likes of Sky Sports, MTV, Discovery, QVC and other leading TV channels. Gadi lead the NDS international marketing team responsible for defining the product scope and roadmap for NDS and established products such as conditional access for secure broadcast, middleware for digital set-tops and integrated PVR solutions. Prior to NDS, Gadi held a variety of positions in software and Internet-based R&D organizations, including Director of Product Marketing at ServiceSoft Corp. Gadi holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Mathematics as well as an Executive MBA from the Hebrew University.

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Kobi Rozengarten

Managing Partner (Jerusalem)

With over twenty-five years of experience in senior management positions...

With over twenty-five years of experience in senior management positions in the technology sector, Kobi is a recognized expert in the semiconductor and storage fields.  Kobi was instrumental in leading several of JVP’s recent exits including facilitating the sale of optical component company CyOptics to Avago for $434 million in June 2013] and the investment and sale of flash storage innovator XtremIO to EMC for $435 million in May 2012. A key member of JVP’s management team, Kobi is currently Chairman of the Board of Altair Semiconductors, Celltick and Reduxio Systems as well as a board member of Teridion and Nativeflow. Prior to joining JVP, Kobi was President and COO of Saifun Semiconductors, a leading provider of IP solutions for the non-volatile memory market. In this capacity, Kobi was responsible for formulating and executing the company’s business strategy, and led its IPO and secondary offering on the NASDAQ. Prior to joining Saifun, Kobi served for over a decade as Managing Director, Director of Operations and VP of Business Development at Kulicke and Soffa Industries, a leading supplier of equipment for the semiconductor industry. Kobi holds a BS in Industrial Engineering (Information systems) and a MS in Industrial Management from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology and serves as a member of the Technion Board of Governors.

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Raffi Kesten

Managing Partner (Jerusalem)

A seasoned veteran of the global business scene, Raffi brings to JVP over twenty years of experience...

A seasoned veteran of the global business scene, Raffi brings to JVP over twenty years of experience in semiconductors and new materials, as well as a deep business and operational understanding of the media and security worlds. Having served as a Venture Partner at JVP over the past decade, in February 2015, Raffi joined JVP as Managing Partner, while continuing to serve as special advisor to Cisco Systems’ CEO Mr. John Chambers as well as the video unit. Raffi serves on the board of JVP's portfolio companies CyberArk Software (NASDAQ: CYBR) and Siano Mobile. Previously, Raffi was instrumental in leading the sale of JVP’s portfolio company EPOS to Qualcomm. Widely considered an expert in his field, Raffi was until recently Vice President of Service Provider Video Security, Software & Solutions Group at Cisco Systems previously holding the position of General Manager of NDS Israel and as Senior Vice President of NDS World Wide prior to its acquisition in 2012 by Cisco. Ahead of joining NDS, Raffi was VP of Operations and Production of Imaging Products at printing innovator Indigo, subsequently sold to HP. Raffi also held several engineering and managerial positions at Intel.  During this time, Raffi won numerous awards including the international achievement award for the development of an improved process that doubled the yield of the 80386 chip.  Raffi served in an elite commando unit of the Israeli Defense Forces.

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Fiona Darmon

COO & Partner (Jerusalem)


As an integral part of JVP's Investment Team, Fiona brings with her close 20 years of venture capital...

Fiona is an integral part of the leadership team at JVP, overseeing the firms ongoing operations including defining the groups' strategy as well as leading the raising of numerous funds that have allowed JVP to continue building world class technology companies. Fiona has over fifteen years of experience in venture capital, strategic planning, capital raising and investments in public and private companies, having previously held a variety of executive roles with leading Israeli investment conglomerate, Koor Industries, as well as serving as a founding member of the first Israeli corporate VC – Koor CVC. Fiona started her career as a financial analyst with Claridge Israel LLC, the investment arm of the Bronfman family of Canada. Fiona was an Officer in one of the renowned units of the Israeli IDF, and holds a BA in Finance and IT and an Executive MBA from the Kellogg School of Management’s international program in collaboration with Tel Aviv University.

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Haim Kopans

Partner & CTO, JVP Media Labs (Jerusalem)

Haim is one of the foremost experts in the field of database and business process technologies in the world today.

Haim is one of the foremost experts in the field of database and business process technologies in the world today. With vast experience and contacts in the fields of enterprise software, storage, data and content management and security technologies, Haim is an invaluable resource for JVP’s current portfolio and investment team, providing thought leadership and resources for business development. Haim is a board member of several JVP portfolio companies including Earnix, Leadspace, GreenSQL and Teridion. Haim also served as a board member of former JVP portfolio companies Sepaton, which was sold to Hitachi Digital Systems in August 2014, Navajo Systems, which was acquired by salesforce.com in August 2011, and Zoomix, which was acquired by Microsoft in July 2008. Founder and former CTO of Precise! Software Solutions, a JVP portfolio company and a provider of business and e-commerce application performance management solutions, Haim assisted in growing Precise from its establishment in 1990 through a successful IPO in 2000. In 2003, Precise was acquired by Veritas (then NASDAQ: VRTS) for $609 million.  Prior to Precise, Haim was a consultant with SCP Systems, and a systems analyst for the Israeli Defense Forces. Haim holds a BA in Economics and Computer Science from Bar Ilan University, and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

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Yoav Tzruya

Partner, JVP Cyber Labs (Beer Sheva)

Yoav brings strong background and industry recognition in the fields of digital media, content

Yoav brings to JVP over twenty years of experience in digital media, content services, telecom value-added services as well as mission critical enterprise software including C5I and Cyber Security. With his hands on approach to working with the numerous incubated and graduated portfolio companies, Yoav led investments in several of JVP’s companies including ThetaRay, Morphisec, Coro.Net, ScadaFence, SDO and AnyClip Media. Past investments include CyActive (acquired by Paypal). Prior to joining JVP, Yoav headed venture capital consulting business, Altus Media, and ahead of that, spent five years as General Manager/COO and CMO of Exent Technologies leading its strategy, business and operations in the space of digital distribution, working with industry leaders such as Verizon, Comcast, Intel, CBS, Time Warner, France Telecom and others. Prior to this, Yoav held executive roles with TeleKnowledge, an innovator in  business support systems, helping develop telecom value-added services and digital media strategies for Telefonica, Yahoo, Listen.com, StarMedia and others. Yoav spent six years in the Israeli Air Force, managing mission critical development projects including in the "enterprise" control, command & security space, and is a decorated officer. Yoav holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics and an M.Sc. in Computer Science) from Tel-Aviv University, as well as an Executive MBA from the Kellogg School of Management’s international program.

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Uri Adoni

Partner, JVP Media Labs (Jerusalem)

Uri brings to JVP extensive experience in internet and new media, gleaned from his prior position...

Uri brings to JVP extensive experience in internet and new media, gleaned from his prior position as the CEO of MSN Israel. During the last decade Uri has been one of the new media pioneers in Israel.  Working for Microsoft during these fascinating times, Uri was also part of some major international marketing and business challenges in fields such as search engines vs. Google, instant messaging vs. AOL and Yahoo. Prior to his work at Microsoft, Uri was a partner and a co-CEO at Geller-Nessis Leo Burnett Advertising Agency, working with leading brands such as Coca Cola, Procter & Gamble, Nokia, Philips and Energizer. Prior to that, he was a senior strategic planner at Fogel-Levin / Ogilvy Israel, working with brands such as IBM, Unilever, Adidas, Philip Morris and others. In both companies, he was highly involved in the creative process, working closely together with the creative teams, directors, editors and production houses. His vast experience in advertising and strategic planning, gave him the position of an "evangelist" in the fast growing online advertising market. Uri is a board member of Celltick, ComQi, CrossReader, UiU and Wishi. Uri holds a BA in political science from Tel Aviv University, a professional music degree from the Rimon School of Music, and an MBA from Manchester University.

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Dr. Nimrod Kozlovski

Venture Partner, JVP Cyber Labs

Nimrod brings to JVP a deep expertise in the area of information technology and information security.

Nimrod brings to JVP a deep expertise in the area of information technology and information security.In this capacity, he contributes his knowledge to JVP portfolio companies, especially as a board member of CoroNet and Secbi, Nirmod With a strong legal and technological background, Nimrod consults to numerous governmental, business and financial organizations as well as international security bodies on information security and proactive security. Co-founder of two start-ups, PLYmedia and Altal Security, Nimrod also co-launched the Information Security and Cyber Security program as part of the MBA in Information Technologies in Tel Aviv University. He received his doctor degree in law (JD) from Yale Law School and conducted his Post-Doc research in computer science on proactive security at Yale School of Computer Sciences. In the Israel Defense Forces, Nimrod served as Captain in the Electronic Warfare unit. Nimrod was an adjunct professor at New York Law School and has written books and articles on Internet Law, Cyber Crime and Digital Law Enforcement and Copyright Law.

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Agnes Touraine


Agnes is an accomplished media executive with particular expertise in publishing and interactive...

Agnes is currently a founding partner of Act III Consultants, a management consulting firm, prior to which, she served as Chairman and CEO of Vivendi Universal Publishing. Agnes advises JVP in the media and gaming sectors. Agnes is on the board of JVP's portfolio company, Playcast. Agnes was CEO of Vivendi Universal Publishing, the world's third largest producer of educational publications and video games, including Warcraft and Starcraft, with over €4 billion in revenues. Agnes had originally joined Vivendi as Chairman and CEO of Liris Interactive, one of France's first multimedia start-ups. Prior to that, Agnes was head of Lagardere/Hachette's Consumer Publishing division and spent four years with McKinsey & Company. Agnes holds a B.A. in Law from the Paris Institut d'Etudes Politiques and an MBA from Columbia Business School. She is currently on the Board of ITV (UK), Neopost (France) and Fondation de France.

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Yehoshua Ennis

Director of Finance-Partnerships (Jerusalem)

Yehoshua is responsible for the financial administration and reporting of the JVP funds. 

Yehoshua is responsible for the financial administration and reporting of the JVP funds. He is heavily involved in periodic reporting to investors, cash management and working with tax authorities. Yehoshua brings financial and accounting experience to JVP, having previously held the position of Assistant Controller at Virtual Communities, an Internet related company, and accounting positions with Deloitte & Touche's Israel affiliate, Igal Brightman & Co. Yehoshua is a qualified CPA, and holds a BS in Accounting from Yeshiva University.

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Noa Segre

Director of Investor Relations

 Having been part of JVP for six years Noa has worked with both the investment ...

Having been part of JVP for six years Noa has worked with both the investment professionals and investor relations team giving her a wide scope of understanding of the fund’s outreach and activities. After working closely with all the Fund partners, Noa currently holds the position of Director of Investor Relations where she oversees and directs JVP’s day-to-day investor operations. Prior to JVP, Noa worked for five years for the US State Department in The American Consulate General in Jerusalem overseeing various aspects of the diplomatic mission in Israel. Noa, fluent in five languages is an Alumnus of Runnymede Collage in Madrid, Spain where she majored in Art History and Photography.  

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