Gadi Porat

General Partner, JVP

Gadi has over 20 years of experience in the Hi-Tech industry, in management positions delivering products to global markets. A partner at JVP, Gadi heads JVP’s Cyber Labs, which aims to identify, nurture and build the next wave of cyber security and big data companies to emerge out of Israel.

Gadi sits on the board of several of JVP’s companies including Teridion, Iguaz.Io, Vicarius, Valid, Compira Labs, Copilot, Datarix, and Cyberfish.

Along with his expertise in building in go to market strategies and delivery life cycle, he brings enterprise management experience having worked with many Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

In his past positions, Gadi led Israel’s AT&T Foundry, the American multinational conglomerate’s accelerator which identifies the next generation of leading companies & startups in the fields of communications, 5G, Cloud, AI, Big Data, Cybersecurity and Media. Gadi lead an innovation center from mentoring startups, new prototyping concepts and technologies all the way to production, M&A, warrant agreements.

He was one of the leaders of live communications company; Interwise based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts, acquired by AT&T in late 2007.

Gadi has an Executive MBA from Bar-Ilan University, Israel and a BA in Economics from Ruppin College, Israel, he lives in Kfar Vitkin with his wife and three children.  


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