25 Years of Innovation

Founder and Chairman, JVP

It’s been a very fulfilling 25 years here at JVP. The Early Days  I still remember myself in 1990 when, as a young 28-year old, I had the Chutzpa to tell Jerusalem’s famed Mayor Teddy Kollek that we could transform the City. Taking Jerusalem from a city of strife, conflict...

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Regtech – The Convergence of Compliance Culture and Innovative Technologies

Finance and Compliance Manager

Regulatory Risk has grown exponentially over the past five years. KPMG estimates...

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Maximizing Opportunities in Fintech’s Arms Race

At its beginning, the Fintech industry’s vision was to fundamentally transform traditional...

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Erel Margalit on Ynet

i24News Interview Erel Margalit, Founder, JVP & Margalit Startup City,