SpaceTech – The Next Frontier

Managing Partner, JVP

We’ve all heard that space is “the final frontier.” But that frontier seems to be opening up right now… When looking into a new area of investment, we at JVP evaluate, amongst other things, whether Israel has a qualitative edge in that arena. In space-tech in particular, entrepreneurs need to...

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Maximizing Opportunities in Fintech’s Arms Race

Associate, JVP

At its beginning, the Fintech industry’s vision was to fundamentally transform traditional...

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Building Tomorrow’s Leading Cyber-security and Data Analytics Innovators

Partner, Head of JVP Labs

A typical hi-tech ecosystem consists of various stakeholders, each contributing their expertise...

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Upcoming events

Cyber Week TLV

June 25, 2017 – June 29, 2017
Dr. Nimrod Koslovski, JVP Partner will be featured in two exciting sessions: The International Cooperation Roundtable - The Human Factor & The UK-Israel Roundtable: Panel on FinTech and Cyber Security

Participating partners

On Thursday 29th June, the Shuktech initiative will be making it's first international appearance in Brussels, Belgium. The event, JLM Hi-Tech Night EU Edition, is a showcase of Israeli Innovation and startup community in the beating heart of European Union – Luxembourg Square, Brussels


JVP Partner, Yoav Tzruya will be participating in a panel called "The Future of Cyber Security, Cryptography and Machine Learning" at CSCML 2017 on June 29th.

Participating partners