Sara Thomas

Venture Partner, JVP

Sara partners with CEOs, co-Founders and Executive Teams to achieve maximum competitive advantage through the people asset, architecting strong leadership and global organisations set for growth and market disruption.

She has spent 34 years partnering with both market creators, disruptors and niche innovators to optimise organisational design, top-down and bottom-up – Board, CEO, Executive Team, Global and Regional Leaders and their teams across all functions – ensuring continuous alignment of people and leadership with business strategy and growth objectives.  Her speciality is hypergrowth, building to company culture and ensuring global cohesion as a company scales across every geo, ensuring end-to-end alignment that delivers the multiplier effect. 

Through her work with great companies such as Oracle, Siebel and Salesforce, a number of the later day and current Unicorns, and JVP companies such as Qlik and CyberArk, her expertise has enabled innovators to drive ambitious scale-up journeys from formative years through to IPO, and on to continued growth as $multi-billion market cap leaders.

Sara joins JVP as a venture partner in London and New York. Working closely with JVP over more than 15 years, she has supported multiple flagship portfolio businesses as they have scaled.  Her deep knowledge of the business models and dynamics across the global tech industry enables JVP’s portfolio CEOs and co-Founders to link strategy to people, focus on leadership evolution for the journey ahead, build winning cultures, increase diversity and engagement, and achieve ambitious, rapid, sustainable growth.