Active Portfolio

ControlUp is a Real-time IT operations analytics and management solution for virtualized IT infrastructure, providing full visibility and control.

Earnix provides an advanced analytics platform designed for the financial services industry, which integrates real-time decision-making capabilities and machine learning techniques into the business process, delivering significant results.

Quali is a leading provider of Environments-as-a-Service over private and public clouds. Its CloudShell solution, automates the access to the cloud and accelerates DevOps and BizOps processes.

The analytics platform for data-driven people and products

Pyramid adapts to users’ needs. It provides different capabilities and experiences based on individual needs and skills, all while managing content as a shared resource. It is designed to support your organization’s entire decision workflow.

Morphisec are pioneers of Moving Target Defense technology that prevents zero-days, evasive malware, ransomware and advanced attacks in real-time.

Centrical drives employee performance and growth using real-time performance management, personalized microlearning, and advanced gamification.

AnyClip is leading provider of video personalization and monetization solutions.

Leadspace combines real-time data management with AI-powered predictive analytics, to give you more, better leads, and align B2B sales and marketing.

Nanit is the first smart monitor to merge computer vision with data-backed sleep science, to produce the most advanced and secure camera technology ever introduced

Teridion is a virtual network deployed across public clouds that intelligently routes web and mobile traffic 20x faster over the Internet leverages the very latest advances in AI and NLP in combination with deep network Analysis to automatically and perpetually discover, map and track citizen personal data digital footprint within all types of enterprises.

Secure and manage Encryption keys, tokens, passwords, certificates or any sensitive data, using zero trust cloud-agnostic SaaS solution.

The Appdome platform provides mobile developers and enterprise mobility professionals the ability to quickly and easily integrate third-party functionality with mobile apps.

Aspeciva’s AI solution turns massive volumes of consumer opinions across the web into valuable insights and recommendations to assist online shoppers make informed purchasing decisions is a full-stack data science platform that provides everything you need to build, manage and automate machine learning – company wide

Copilot is an automated Customer Experience platform that enables consumer electronics companies to foster one-to-one connections with their end users, improving customer satisfaction and driving overall lifetime value.

Maximizing QoE for adaptive video streaming
Leveraging machine-learning and next-generation congestion control

Coronet’s cloud platform enables users to securely use any internal or SaaS tool on any device using any network.  No integration. Cost effective. Fast.

Multinational tier-1 Internet service provider

Listed on NASDAQ (CCOI)

(June 2005)

Cyberfish is the next generation anti-phishing solution, that combines Computer Vision and AI to detect  phishing emails and websites in real-time, on the fly.

We are leading the next Corporate Data Analytics Revolution by distilling business reality from mountains of raw data lying around information systems across the organization.

Dealhub: empowering sales teams to close deals faster – increasing operational and revenue efficiency with one complete sales stack.

Our mission is to dramatically reduce chemical usage while increasing productivity and profitability for farmers.

Highcon solutions replace the expensive and slow conventional die-making and setup process with a digital technology, increasing margins and creating new markets in packaging, commercial print products and 3D modeling.

Leading The Chickpea Protein Revolution

The iguazio Enterprise Data Cloud platform has redesigned the entire data stack to accelerate performance of real time and analytics processing

The ionir platform enables transferring, copying, restoration, and management of data of any size from the different cloud platforms

Re-imagining alternative protein to expand health in a non processed and affordable manner.

Loom Systems in an emerging leader in applying AI and machine learning algorithms to conduct root-cause analysis and actionable mitigation recommendations in complex digital environments.

MemVerge optimizes storage class memory and delivers larger memory and faster storage to machine learning and big data applications without application rewrite.

NSLComm has developed innovative satellite technology, comprising a light-weight, expandable antenna with adaptive capabilities, enabling a significantly lower price per bit to the end user.

OPORA empowers you with a preemptive advantage and visibility to contain your adversaries before they strike.

Rezilion makes applications and infrastructures inherently and automatically resilient to cyber-attack.

SCADAfence is a pioneer in securing Industrial IoT/Industrie 4.0 networks in the smart manufacturing and smart building sectors from cyber threats

SecBI detects complex and stealthy cyber security threats, instantly unveiling the full scope of an attack, making mitigation fast and accurate

Secret Double Octopus delivers a new generation of user authentication that replaces passwords across the enterprise with the simplicity and security of enhanced multi-factor authentication.

The first real-time platform that allows sites to set and enforce permissions, receive alerts and monitor 3rd party vendor’s behavior on their site.

ThetaRay’s advanced analytics solutions operate at scale, precision and speed to manage risk, detect money-laundering and fraud, expose bad loans, uncover operational issues, and reveal growth opportunities

Upsolver provides big data streaming analytics as a service – Get data ready for real-time insights, in minutes, without DBs, code or servers.

Making hyperspectral imaging available to everyone, in any lighting conditions & at a mass market price point, to improve the way we live, work and play.

Traffic management solutions for enterprises and IP service providers

Listed on NASDAQ (ALLT)

(November 2006)

Vicarius protects the world’s software, wherever it runs.

The world’s leading blockchain security platform. Enabling you to innovate with blockchain, securely.

Online styling everyone can afford.

World leader in business intelligence software for SME companies

Listed on NASDAQ (QLIK)

(July 2010)

Cyber-Ark protects an organization’s most high value attack points: administrative and privileged accounts

Listed on NASDAQ (CYBR)

(September 2014)

Predictive and preventive cyber security innovator

Acquired by PayPal

(March 2015)

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Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology

Listed on NASDAQ (PDSN)

(June 2004)

B2B service relationship platform for managing service delivery operations

Listed on NASDAQ (VRYA)

(September 2000)

Applications and e-commerce performance management solutions

Listed on NASDAQ (PRSE)
(June 2000)

Software solutions for extending business critical applications to the Internet

Listed on NASDAQ (JCDA)

(October 1999)

Chip maker and software company

Acquired by Globespan

(April 2000)

Enterprise-class backup solution

Acquired by Hitachi

(September 2014)

High-speed digital wireless networking equipment for the “last mile”

Listed on NASDAQ (NTRO)

(August 1999)

Information solutions for oil and gas industry

Listed on NASDAQ (PGEO)

(June 1998)

E-commerce solution for entire payments cycle of banks and enterprises

Listed on NASDAQ (FNDT)

(March 1998)

Graphic design entry and verification software tools for semiconductor design

Listed on NASDAQ (SMMT)

(October 1996)

Provider of unified database security and compliance tools

Acquired by Huawei (December 2016)

Provider of 4G long-term evolution (LTE) solutions

Acquired by Sony

(January 2016)

Global provider of optical subcomponents for high-speed connectivity

Acquired by Avago

(June 2013)

Developer of ultrasound technologies for input solutions

Acquired by Qualcomm

(Nov 2012)

Next generation solution for Enterprise-level system solid state (FLASH) storage

Acquired by EMC
(May 2012)

Technology enabled data security service

Acquired by Salesforce

(August 2011)

Provider of service level management software

Acquired by CA

(Jan 2010)

Leader in switch fabrics and traffic management chips

Acquired by Broadcom
(Nov. 2009)

Automated data transformation and harmonization solutions.

Acquired by Microsoft
(July 2008)

Intelligent decision-making software

Acquired by Omniture
(February 2007)

One-to-one cross media software for marketing campaigns

Acquired by Xerox

(September 2006)

IP network management through dynamic network abstraction.

Acquired by Cisco
(September 2005)

Multi-protocol optical transport solutions

Acquired by Alcatel
(March 2005)

Perimeter security solutions to protect Enterprises’ back-end network.

Acquired by F5 Networks

(June 2004)

Optical transport systems for data and voice communications.

Acquired by Lucent
(May 2000)

VLSI-based subsystem for cable modem and cable telephony

Acquired by Terayon

(March 2000)

ATM networking systems

Acquired by US Robotics

(August 1996)

NooBaa delivers a next-generation solution for large-scale data management with the lowest TCO and greatest infrastructure flexibility of any existing scale-out architecture.

Acquired by Red Hat 

(November 2018)