Pnina Ben-Ami

Vice President, Business Development & Marketing, JVP

Pnina brings to JVP a strong background in integrated marketing and communication. In her role of VP Marketing, she is responsible for JVP’s marketing strategy and implementation, business relations, positioning, and branding. She specializes in innovative strategic and tactical marketing and partnership strategies. Pnina also works with JVP’s portfolio companies to accelerate growth and capture value through marketing strategy and messaging to international markets as well as in creating business opportunities and global partnerships. Before joining JVP, Pnina spent 12 years as a manager and team leader in both the public and private sectors. Previously, she served as the Head of communications strategies and branding processes for several Israeli Government ministries and authorities including Housing, Tourism, Humanitarian Aid, Social Affairs, and Communications Ministries. Pnina served as an officer in the IDF Officers Training Unit and holds an honors B.A. in Anthropology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.