Yoav Tzruya

General Partner, JVP

Yoav Tzruya, General Partner, JVP. Yoav brings to JVP over twenty years of experience in enterprise software, cyber security, cloud, AI, and digital media. With his hands-on approach, Yoav works with and sits on the board of several of JVP’s companies including ControlUp, Pyramid Analytics, Coro, Centrical, Quali, Morphisec, ThetaRay, ChainReaction, Appdome, Akeyless, Rezilion, Secret Double Octopus, 1Touch.io and SourceDefense. Past exits include CyActive, (acquired by PayPal), Loom (acquired by ServiceNow), Cnvrg.io (acquired by Intel), and Uponit. Prior to joining JVP, Yoav held General Management, Marketing, Business Development, and Product executive positions, scaling startups from zero to tens of millions of revenues, and led strategic efforts vis-à-vis industry leaders such as Verizon, Comcast, Telefonica, Intel, CBS, and Time Warner, in both B2B and B2B2C models. Yoav spent six years in the Israeli Air Force, managing mission critical technological projects. Yoav holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics (cum laude) and an M.Sc. in Computer Science (cum laude) from Tel-Aviv University, as well as an Executive MBA from the Kellogg School of Management’s international program in collaboration with Tel Aviv University..

When investing in the most disruptive companies, we walk the unbeaten path. As company builders, we always look for the right teams to join down that path – ones that possess the rare combination of vision, execution skills and market understanding.

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SecBI detects complex and stealthy cyber security threats, instantly unveiling the full scope of an attack, making mitigation fast and accurate


The first real-time platform that allows sites to set and enforce permissions, receive alerts and monitor 3rd party vendor’s behavior on their site.


ThetaRay’s advanced analytics solutions operate at scale, precision and speed to manage risk, detect money-laundering and fraud, expose bad loans, uncover operational issues, and reveal growth opportunities


Secret Double Octopus delivers a new generation of user authentication that replaces passwords across the enterprise with the simplicity and security of enhanced multi-factor authentication.


Centrical drives employee performance and growth using real-time performance management, personalized microlearning, and advanced gamification.


The analytics platform for data-driven people and products

Pyramid adapts to users’ needs. It provides different capabilities and experiences based on individual needs and skills, all while managing content as a shared resource.


Quali is a leading provider of Environments-as-a-Service over private and public clouds. Its CloudShell solution, automates the access to the cloud and accelerates DevOps and BizOps processes.


Secure and manage Encryption keys, tokens, passwords, certificates or any sensitive data, using zero trust cloud-agnostic SaaS solution.


Rezilion makes applications and infrastructures inherently and automatically resilient to cyber-attack.


The Appdome platform provides mobile developers and enterprise mobility professionals the ability to quickly and easily integrate third-party functionality with mobile apps.


1touch.io leverages the very latest advances in AI and NLP in combination with deep network Analysis to automatically and perpetually discover, map and track citizen personal data digital footprint within all types of enterprises.