LOS ANGELES, Aug. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Innovative content sharing company Qlipso today announced that following the acquisition of substantially all of the assets of the Web's 10th largest video portal, Veoh.com in Spring 2010, it has successfully integrated its multiuser content-sharing platform into Veoh.com. Veoh continues to draw strong usage among core and new users, with more than 12 million unique monthly visitors in June 2010.


User engagement on Veoh.com continues to surge. The average duration of videos watched on the site exceeded 10 minutes per video in June, more than double the industry average of 4 minutes per video, as measured by comScore. Furthermore, within the Qlipso social content sharing environment, user consumption has reached an unprecedented 20 minutes.
Qlipso added its signature social feature, the "Share Live With Friends" tab, in the top-left corner of the Veoh video player. This takes users to a special social content room where they can share media and interact socially -- in real time -- with others, represent themselves as 3D animated avatars as well as chat live via instant messaging, voice chat and live webcams.
"We've made tremendous progress by implementing Qlipso's innovative social features onto the global Veoh portal within 100 days from the acquisition," said Jon Goldman, CEO of Qlipso. "With a strong team in locations around the world, we are working to overhaul the user experience to bring multi-user interaction to the world of mainstream content like videos and music."
The Qlipso platform has already produced exciting results.


Since its asset purchase of Veoh.com, and subsequent integration of social-viewing features within both sites, more than 2,000 new users per day are registering for multi-user video viewing with Qlipso. Over 10,000 daily visitors are sampling the Qlipso experience, where 20% of registrants have never visited Veoh before. Qlipso is effectively expanding the audience on top of lengthening the average viewing session.


In the coming weeks and months, Qlipso will be integrating other socially-focused services into the Veoh portal, such as content-themed viewing rooms, a virtual goods marketplace for Veoh's animated 3D avatars and socially-interactive content-viewing parties during specific holidays, concerts, sporting events and other entertainment.
"The future of online video is a fun, socially interactive environment for people to share and enjoy all types of media, much in the way people interact and socialize with each other in real life -- and we're excited to be leading this evolution," said Goldman.

 About Qlipso

Qlipso, a Jerusalem Venture Partners (www.jvpvc.com) portfolio company, is the first completely portable Web-based experience allowing users to share any type of Flash-based media live and synchronized with their friends and family in a relaxed and secure online social setting. Personalization options include avatar creation and webcam support, thereby enabling users to interact with each other while viewing the media simultaneously. As a business partner, Qlipso integrates with websites to allow their audience to invite friends to share content, as well as to open up new revenue streams, like virtual item sales. The company has offices in Los Angeles and in the JVP Media Quarter in Jerusalem. For more information,

please visit www.qlipso.com .

About Veoh

Now powered by Qlipso, the multiuser content-sharing platform, Veoh.com features a library of more than one million videos, TV shows, online games and other interactive content, and a user base of more than 12 million active monthly viewers. The acquisition of substantially all of the assets of Veoh.com by Qlipso in March 2010 enhanced Veoh's online video platform by incorporating many of Qlipso's socially-interactive viewing and content-sharing features. For more information, please visit http://www.veoh.com/. MEDIA CONTACT on behalf of Qlipso