Jerusalemites go to Hack


Innovative Social Hackathon for East and West Jerusalemites. Empowering young leaders within their home communities
personally, professionally, and socially


In an age when many personal dreams have been shattered, we wish to dream together.

We wish to see in this challenging time an opportunity for connection through empowering one another’s personal growth and by enhancing the social impact we are capable of making upon our beloved Jerusalem communities. We wish to realize our shared dream of positively socially impacting both the Arab and the Jewish communities of Jerusalem. In doing so, we believe our vision will have a ripple effect of influencing and inspiring the younger generation of Arabs and Jews from Jerusalem to take ownership of their shared future. 


We are unique in that we are young activists who have risen to the challenge of coming together to positively socially impact our communities. In order to enhance our growing community and equip Jewish and Arab young adults with social, entrepreneurial, and professional tools. To accomplish this we founded a community of young adults from all areas of Jerusalem who wish to deepen their relationships through grassroots social activism, entrepreneurship, and social impact. 

Our Vision

We are a  group of young adults living on opposite sides of the same city-Jerusalem. As Arabs from East Jerusalem and Jews from West Jerusalem, we barely have any opportunities to meet or to socially impact one another. We are dedicated to changing that. We believe that this Hackathon integrating social, entrepreneurial, and business models will encourage
East and West young adult residents of Jerusalem to work together, empowering them to become leaders within their home communities personally, professionally, and socially. 

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