Several hundred members of Israel’s Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) community joined high-tech CEOs and investors at Israel’s first-ever High-Tech Conference for the Haredi Sector.


The groundbreaking event was spearheaded by JVP, one of Israel’s leading venture capital firms, and its founder and chairman, Erel Margalit, together with Haredi high-tech entrepreneur Yitzik Crombie, founder of the Haredi High-Tech Forum.


The conference aimed at tapping into the enormous potential of the Haredi sector for Israeli high-tech. Conference organizers also hope the event will raise consciousness amongst Israeli society as a whole about the amazing opportunities for this community in the field of technology – a phenomenon which remains largely unknown.


The event also offered participants a forum for networking and discovery, joining people from various parts of Israel and the world from a variety of backgrounds to discuss, interact and explore opportunities.


Israel’s Haredi sector is characterized by low employment levels, particularly in the high-tech sector. This event was largely geared at raising awareness and identifying potential deal flow opportunities in a society where the employment rate hovers around 40%.

Erel Margalit, JVP's founder and chairman greeted participants, saying “The inclusion of Haredis in the Israeli high-tech industry represents the number one economic opportunity for Israel in the next ten years.”


Panel sessions included talks on Haredi employment in high-tech, government incentives, raising capital, and success stories from Haredi entrepreneurs.


Gadi Tirosh, JVP's General Partner led the panel on Haredi employment in high-tech. He was joined by panelists from Matrix Global, NDS, Manpower and Intel, discussing the many opportunities for the Haredi sector in major corporations and multinationals.


Yoav Tzruya, JVP's Partner of the JVP Media Labs incubator lead the session on fundraising for startups, giving the audience insights into key tools for raising capital effectively.