JVP Funds Companies

Traffic management solutions for enterprises and IP service providers


Hod Hasharon, Israel

Silicon solutions for the mobile broadband market

Hod Hasharon, Israel

AnyClip Media offers publishers direct access to premium video content from Hollywood’s biggest studios and beyond


Jerusalem, Isarel

Mobile application protection, supporting iOS and Android, leveraging application wrapping technology, with no code change or SDK integration


Tel Aviv, Israel

 Utilizing AI technology, Aspectiva analyzes consumer opinions from across the web to generate insights and help online shoppers make better purchasing decisions.


Ultra low cost gigabit speed wireless solutions

Santa Clara, CA

Celltick is a global leader in mobile initiated commerce, creating and managing mass market solutions for mobile operators.

Fremont, CA I Herzliya, Israel

Optical transport systems for data and voice
communications on metropolitan fiber optic
networks. Acquired by Lucent (May 2000)


Multinational tier-1 Internet service provider. Final
share sale at $1.2B market cap (March 2007)

Washington, DC

Powerful end-to-end technology platform to manage in-venue digital signage, mobile and social media.

New York, NY | Jerusalem, Israel

Coronet gives the enterprise control over which networks users connect, protecting from wireless breaches and attacks.

Beer Sheva, Israel

Correlor is using social data to deliver a completely new breed of web personalization and user engagement.

Jerusalem, Israel

CyActive is a predictive cyber security company, which places its clients ahead of potential cyber threats by predicting and preventing future attacks

Beer Sheva, Israel

Cyber-Ark is the leader in securing and managing privileged identities and highly sensitive information.

Newton, MA | Petah Tikva, Israel

Designs and develops a full line of InP optical chips and components for integration into access, metro and long-haul communications systems

Breinigsville, PA

Develops an innovative product for continuous data integration between SQL and NoSQL databases.

Media Quarter

Automates the predictive analytics model development process to build smarter, faster, and most accurate models. 

JVP Labs Jerusalem

Leader in switch fabrics and traffic management
chips. Aquired by Broadcom (November 2009)

Sunnyvale, CA

Predictive modeling and customer analytics software for bankers and insurers

Ramat Gan, Israel

Low cost, low power wireless 3D positioning systems. Acquired by Qualcomm (November 2012)

Hod Hasharon, Israel

E-commerce solution for entire payment cycles of banks and enterprises. IPO on NASDAQ (FNDT)
(March 1998)

Jersey City, NJ | Ramat Gan, Israel

Delivers next-generation gaming straight to your TV and PC without a console

Caesarea , Israel

GreenSQL delivers an all-in-one database security & compliance Platform

Tel Aviv, Israel

Software solutions for extending business critical
applications to the Internet. IPO on NASDAQ (JCDA)
(October 1999)


Printed electronic semiconductors

Sunnyvale, CA

Leadspace automatically identifies the best sales prospects and business opportunities from across the Web and social networks, in realtime

Hod Hasharon, Israel

Perimeter security solutions to protect Enterprises’
back-end network. Acquired by F5 Networks (June


MorphiSec provides end-point prevention solutions, leveraging its patented moving-target defense technologies.

Beer Sheva, Israel

Multi-protocol optical transport solutions for access networks. Acquired by Alcatel (March 2005)


Eliminates the data security and regulatory compliance concerns of using cloud applications. Acquired by Salesforce.com (August 2011)


Tel Aviv, Israel

High-speed digital wireless networking equipment
for the “last mile.” IPO on NASDAQ (August 1999)


NooBaa is creating a  cloud service that virtualizes data-centers using edge devices

Jerusalem, Israel

Information solutions for the oil and gas industry.
IPO on NASDAQ (June 1998)

Houston, TX | Herzliya, Israel

Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology

Hod Hasharon, Israel | Melville, NY

Integrated suite of applications and
e-commerce performance management solutions.
IPO on NASDAQ (June 2000)


A world leader in business intelligence (BI) software, transforming data into meaningful information.  IPO on Nasdaq (July 2010)

Radnor, PA | Lund, Sweden

Reduxio is developing an inherent and transparent data reduction solution in primary storage, with the ability to recover data online to any past point in time.

Jerusalem, Israel

Rep’nUp uses state-of-the-art technology to help social networks users improve their online reputation

Jerusalem, Israel

SCADAfence offers cutting edge cyber security solutions, designed to protect the Industrial IoT in the manufacturing industries and critical infrastructure

Beer Sehva

ATM networking systems and sub-systems.
Acquired by US Robotics (August 1996)


Network security solutions that go beyond encryption to address vulnerabilities associated with PKI, SSL and VPN in enterprise, mobile and IoT environments


Offers a machine-learning based solution for cyber security incident investigation and detection

Beer Sheva, Israel

Disk-based backup appliances for backing-up,
managing, and restoring increasingly large volumes
of data

Marlborough, MA

IP network management through dynamic network
abstraction. Acquired by Cisco Systems
(September 2005)


Develops highly integrated silicon receiver chips for mobile digital television

Netanya, Israel

Smart-X develops and markets innovative software solutions that solve some of the most complex and common problems faced by System Administrators

Lod, Israel

A specialty pharmaceutical company that develops
innovative topical products for the dermatology

Ness Ziona, Israel

Graphic design entry and verification software tools
for semiconductor design. IPO on NASDAQ
(October 1996)

Burlington, MA

Network processors for edge equipment.
Acquired by Globespan (April 2000)


Teridion provides a super high speed and quality internet connection

Petach Tikva, Israel

Delivers solutions for financial services and industrial customers, leveraging its big-data anomaly detection platform


Jerusalem, Israel

Provides intelligent decision making software that delivers real-time notification and automation functionality. Acquired by Omniture (February 2007)

London, UK

VLSI-based subsystem for cable modem and cabletelephony systems. Acquired by Terayon (March 2000)


A collaborative sales engagement platform that revolutionizes the way organizations interact with customers, channel partners and internal sales teams


B2B service relationship platform for managing service delivery opretions (September 2000)

Jerusalem, Israel | Southborough, MA

WiShi is a crowd-styling hub that allows users to share their real wardrobes and get styled by the community

Jerusalem, Israel

One-to-one cross media software for marketing
campaigns. Acquired by Xerox (September 2006)

Netanya, Israel | New York, NY

Enterprise-level systems provider of solid state (FLASH) storage. Acquired by EMC (May 2012)

Herzliya, Israel

Automated data prioritization solutions that enable cost efficient data management and storage. Acquired by EMC (October 2011)

Or Yehuda, Israel

Automated data transformation and harmonization
solutions. Acquired by Microsoft (July 2008)

Jerusalem, Israel