From Good to Great: Building Leading Global Companies

Building on the deep military experience serving in elite computer units on the front-line of the most extensive cyber-attacks of time, CyberArk’s co-founders recognized a need to protect the inner-most part of an organization, the privileged accounts, which at times are left most vulnerable, due to the perimeter based defensive approach. When the company approached JVP in 2001, they presented a vision of protecting high-value business data – which at the time the market could not comprehend how vulnerable and targeted this data would become as cyber threats evolved.

JVP believed that working together with these young entrepreneurs, the company’s technology would become a critical element in protecting against information theft and cyber-attacks. CyberArk would go on to create a new layer of IT security solutions that would protect organizations from within. Teaming up with JVP, the company’s headquarters relocated to Boston, while the company stayed loyal to its roots with a strong R&D facility in Israel.

Working together, the company built a strong globally focused business strategy – helping to transform its future.

This strategy, along with the growing threat of attacks and the success of the CyberArk solution, won it over 1,800 customers, including over 40% of the Fortune 100 companies with customers that included leading enterprises from diverse set of industries.

Over CyberArk’s evolution, JVP continued to believe in the company and in mid-2011, working with management, welcomed Goldman Sachs into the company, partnering to buy out several of the company’s existing investors through a secondary transaction. JVP’s mindset was to give the company a new lease on growth, to drive the next wave of expansion, without being weighed down by liquidity sensitive partners. Following this transaction, JVPs position increased from 26% to close to 50%.

In September 2014, the company listed its shares on NASDAQ, pricing above range at IPO and showing close to 100% increase in the first 48 hours which resulted in it being cited as one of the most successful tech IPOs of the decade. During 2015 and 2016 JVP monetized its entire position in the company making CyberArk the best return single company to an Israel Venture Capital fund.

From Good to Great: Building Leading Companies

2014 (CYBR)
Research & Development Center
Petach Tikva, Israel