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Founded by MK Erel Margalit, Bakehila is a dynamic non-profit organization making waves in the social landscape of Jerusalem. Joined by a shared vision of a strong and economically independent Jerusalem, JVP and the Margalit family have been providing support to Bakehila since its inception in 2002 until today.

Bakehila works deep within struggling neighborhoods in Jerusalem, hand in hand with the local authorities, to promote equal opportunity and social mobility via educational intervention and after-school enrichment programs. They emphasize civic responsibility and peer-driven activities, in an effort to break the cycle of poverty and enable disadvantaged neighborhoods.

What really makes Bakehila a unique organization, is that while empowering Jerusalem’s children and families, they are simultaneously fostering a network of young social leaders in Israel, who dedicate a year of service inside these communities implementing Bakehila’s mission. These talented young adults can choose to continue on as Bakehila alumni as part of the emerging network of agents of social change.

Since its inception, Bakehila has so far impacted over 25,000 children and youth in Jerusalem in 8 different communities. They are considered the leading organization in Israel for the training and implementation of year of service volunteers and has developed a network of over 400 young social leaders.

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The Poet Haim Gouri met with Bakehila's Shinshinim

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Febuary 12, 2013. Poet, author, journalist and Israel Prize laureate for Literature Haim Gouri , one of the “Tashach generation poets” - was a guest of Bakehila's "Shinshinim school" curriculum at Beit Avichai . Gouri, a Palmach veteran, called the volunteers to take their place at the head of the camp fighting for the image of Israeli society: "I see you as the avant-garde force, the pioneer ahead of the crowd", Guri said, "Don't be 'conditional' Israelis. The biggest struggle of Israeli society, of the Jewish people, needs people like you. You need to be the political, moral and educational elite. You must keep the moral guidelines that define our existence as a people and pass them forward". Gouri added that the task is now more difficult than ever, since today there's less of an agreement on the course of action, but suggested to the volunteers to be confident in their mission and to set serious and clear goals in the field of education: "you're not many," he said, "but how many were in the 'Biluim'? How many were in the Dgania group? Small groups can change reality".


Purim Celebrations at Bakehila

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The days of Purim, the favorite days of Jewish children everywhere, arrived at 'Bakehila' and provided an opportunity to cut loose a little, and arrange special activities that emphasize creativity, joy and a lot of fun!
Purim events started long before the holiday, as at the 15 different schools Bakehila works with, the Year of Service Volunteers organized with the schools staff a "Purim Market", costume contests, activities and much, much more.
The festivities peaked at the communal events in each of Bakehila's neighborhoods:
In Katamonim, a festive happening took place at the Kagan center, which many organizations active in the neighborhood worked on, and included activities, booths, sets, and costumes for about 250 children and their families. And since Purim usually lasts two days, the following day an "Amazing Race" competition took place, during which the parents and children got acquainted with the Katamonim neighborhood and what's happening in it.
In Gilo, Purim was celebrated at a neighborhood "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" themed happening. The event took place at the community center and was operated by the youth movements and Bakehila's service year volunteers. Hundreds of children enjoyed the activity booths, games, music and good mood. This joyful event was concluded with the play "Eliezer and the Carrot".
Around 100 children from Talpiyot enjoyed a giant "Purim around the World" themed neighborhood happening that took place at Beit Lazarus, the neighborhood community center. In Egypt, the children searched their way through the dark, in Italy they made pizzas, in Las Vegas they played card games, and in Brazil they participated in a carnival where they danced a storm, in Hawaii the children played limbo, and a soccer tournament took place in England. At the end of the event, the children received Purim treats - Mishlochey Manot.
The Purim festivities reached Neve Yaakov as well, and two events for the children took place in the neighborhood. Purim opened with a fun happening for 1st-6th grades children whom enjoyed booths, a trampoline and food stands, all thanks to the help of the neighborhood's youth that participated in much of the activity, but all this was in preparation for the second event in which the neighborhood's teenagers arrived at the community center, where a crazy "Brazilian carnival" style party waited for them. The entire hall was decorated wall to wall, by much dedicated effort of Bakehila's service year volunteers. At the end of the night the Shinshinim were welcomed with warm gratitude from the neighborhood's youth.

And amongst the many events, masks and noisemakers, a Purim party was held for the organization's staff, year of service volunteers and JVP employees that included performances, a costume contest, dancing and many many unforgettable moments. The party was honored by the presence of the founder of Bakehila and JVP, Erel Margalit.