About JVP Funds

About JVP Funds

The foundations for Jerusalem Venture Partner's (JVP) track record derive from the firm’s entrepreneurial spirit, experienced team and agile investment strategy. Established in 1993 by JVP's founder, Erel Margalit, JVP now has over $900 million under management. The majority of the Fund's activities are led out of its International Media Quarter in Jerusalem with industry advisors in New York and Paris as well as an international network of strategic partners.

JVP leverages its unique market expertise, experienced and dedicated management team and substantial capital base to build companies with the potential to shape global markets. Through twenty five initial public offerings, acquisitions and mergers for its portfolio companies, JVP has helped to create some of the largest companies to come out of Israel over the past nineteen years:

JVP was the seed investor in Netro Corp. and sold its position when the company was traded on NASDAQ for $5.5 billion. JVP was also the lead investor and the largest shareholder in Chromatis Networks, which was sold to Lucent in 2000 for $4.8 billion. Additionally, JVP was the largest shareholder in Precise, selling its position in 2001 when the market cap was in the range of $700 million, and in Cogent Communications, which was trading on NASDAQ at a market cap of $1.2 billion in March 2007 when JVP sold its position. In July 2010 JVP's portfolio company QLIK Technologies was listed on NASDAQ, and with a market cap of more than $2.0 billion, is being perceived as one of the most successful IPO's of a European-originated company in close to a decade. Beyond these examples, JVP has contributed significantly to a variety of technology companies that exited through industry sales and NASDAQ IPOs.

In addition to JVP's strengths in identifying companies with great potential and building them into global leaders, JVP has demonstrated keen ability in to recognize the trends that are shaping our world. In August 2011, Navajo Systems, a data-to-the-cloud encryption company, was sold to Salesforce.com, a mere two years after JVP had seeded it. This was Salesforce.com’s first acquisition in the region and it currently serves as a Saleforce.com's research and development center.  In May 2012, pioneering storage company XtremIO, which JVP  helped found in 2009, was sold to EMC (NYSE: EMC) for a substantial multiple on JVP's investment.

The most recent exit was in July 2013 when JVP completed the sale of CyOptics for over $400million in company value. JVP built CyOptics from scratch to substantial sales in 2013, further leveraging a secondary transaction in January 2011 to increase stake to over 50%, generating over $200 million in proceeds to the funds.

In March 2011 JVP was chosen by the readers of Private Equity International (PEI) as the leading venture capital firm in Israel, and among the top three in Europe. In November 2012, JVP was ranked by Preqin as one of the top ten consistently performing funds in the world.