JVP Cyber Labs

JVP Cyber Labs, aims to identify, nurture and build the next wave of cyber security and big data companies to emerge from Israel. The JVP Cyber Labs incubator, based in the southern academia and high-tech metropolitan of Beer Sheva, is a proprietary incubator under license of the Office of the Israeli Chief Scientist (OCS).

JVP Cyber Labs is based in the epicenter of this innovation - bringing together the academia, multinationals and military-trained human capital to be at the forefront of cyber innovation. JVP Cyber Labs is headquartered in close proximity to the IDF's new Communications Corp.’s headquarters. With major multinationals placing strong emphasis on this space, the new cyber security Incubator has also established a strong ecosystem of partners from the technology, financial, security, academic and critical infrastructure sectors seeking to influence, monitor and access these innovative startups.

As the largest investor in cyber security in Israel today, JVP has built up several cyber-security companies, including CyberArk, Navajo (acquired by SalesForce), Magnifire (acquired by F5 Networks), ThetaRay and NativeFlow.

Each company within the JVP Cyber Labs incubator receives a government issued risk-free loan and will be incubated for a period of 18 to 24 months. JVP is capitalizing on its network of partners in the networking, security, critical infrastructure and financial circles to bring together a select group of strategic partners who can collaborate on company building and share business, market and technological insights as to establish the roadmap and validate these companies, their go-to-market strategy and technological and product approaches.


JVP Cyber Labs team is currently looking for companies in various themes, including APT detection and prevention, mobile/BYOD, Cloud and DB Security, Identification, Industrial Internet, M2M, Big-data analytics, next-gen FW/IDS/IPS, End-point security and more.