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Founded by MK Erel Margalit, Bakehila is a dynamic non-profit organization making waves in the social landscape of Jerusalem. Joined by a shared vision of a strong and economically independent Jerusalem, JVP and the Margalit family have been providing support to Bakehila since its inception in 2002 until today.

Bakehila works deep within struggling neighborhoods in Jerusalem, hand in hand with the local authorities, to promote equal opportunity and social mobility via educational intervention and after-school enrichment programs. They emphasize civic responsibility and peer-driven activities, in an effort to break the cycle of poverty and enable disadvantaged neighborhoods.

What really makes Bakehila a unique organization, is that while empowering Jerusalem’s children and families, they are simultaneously fostering a network of young social leaders in Israel, who dedicate a year of service inside these communities implementing Bakehila’s mission. These talented young adults can choose to continue on as Bakehila alumni as part of the emerging network of agents of social change.

Since its inception, Bakehila has so far impacted over 25,000 children and youth in Jerusalem in 8 different communities. They are considered the leading organization in Israel for the training and implementation of year of service volunteers and has developed a network of over 400 young social leaders.

For more information on Bakehila and their impact, check out their new website.