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Nanit is the first smart monitor to merge computer vision with data-backed sleep science, to produce the most advanced and secure camera technology ever introduced


Sencrop, an innovative ag-tech start-up founded in 2016 by Michael Bruniaux and Martin Ducroquet, has become the European leader in the space of 6 years. In 2020, Sencrop was ranked in the worldwide top 10 by AgFunder, reference media for start-ups, following its US$10 million fundraising in Serie A. More than 20,000 farmers are already using its solution, and now it has 100 employees serving its customers in its European offices. Sencrop obtained a SIMA Innovation Award, strong recognition in the agricultural world, and a SIVAL silver medal. Note that Sencrop is also a member of the HardwareClub


Leading The Chickpea Protein Revolution


Our mission is to dramatically reduce chemical usage while increasing productivity and profitability for farmers.


Re-imagining alternative protein to expand health in a non processed and affordable manner.



Agrint has revolutionized the way we protect our trees from pests.
With real-time and accurate detection of infestations, we provide early diagnosis and the ability to dramatically reduce the chemicals applied on trees and the yield.


The probiotic vegetables and fruits revolution is coming soon