Teridion’s Internet Fast Lanes Further Accelerate Speed for Merrill Corporation’s DataSite Platform


– Supports Merrill’s M&A Transactions Business in China –

SAN FRANCISCO – Mergers and acquisitions due diligence in China can be managed much faster, and reinforced, with ironclad security for Merrill Corporation’s DataSite platform using Teridion’s KumoXSM, an innovative service that creates fast lanes over the Internet to improve the user experience. Teridion, a cloud-based networking company, is now supporting and enhancing Merrill’s industry-leading virtual deal room for its M&A transactions business in China.

“The Chinese market is a key part of Merrill Corporation’s global strategy, and we’re continually looking for ways to increase the speed at which we serve our clients there,” said Brad Smuland, Merrill’s Chief Information Officer. “We identified Teridion’s smart routing to accelerate performance; this approach now gives us 20X the speed of the standard Internet.”
“China’s M&A appetite in the Western hemisphere and in Asia Pacific will grow over the next several years,” explained Nancy Yu, Merrill’s Regional Managing Director of Asia Pacific. “We predict more cross-border engagements, which will drive the need to standardize data privacy, corporate governance and data security requirements,” she said.
Yu adds that Merrill’s priority is to invest in its system infrastructure and performance. “Our success in this market is evident in the growth of DataSite users from China in the past year,” she said.
Merrill DataSite is supported by Teridion KumoX, which optimizes the performance of Internet traffic moving in and out of China. Teridion KumoX does not cache data and is faster and more secure than content delivery networks (CDNs).

“Many people think they have to sacrifice security to get superior Internet performance,” says Elad Rave, Teridion’s founder and Chief Technology Officer. “With Teridion KumoX you get both.”

More than a dozen companies, including Egnyte, Thru and Upthere (recently acquired by Western Digital), accelerate their services with Teridion.

About Teridion
Teridion empowers SaaS and content providers to deliver a user experience uncompromised by Internet congestion without additional infrastructure. Teridion’s KumoXSM service creates on-demand fast lanes that speed application traffic by 10X over standard Internet, providing users with a responsive and secure experience anywhere in the world, on any device. KumoX uses machine learning to dynamically choose the optimal path in real time across a dozen leading public cloud networks, delivering the performance, agility and high availability customers demand. For more information, see teridion.com.

About Merrill Corporation
Merrill Corporation provides a range of services that helps make the M&A deal process faster and more effective. Its industry-leading virtual data room, Merrill DataSite, ensures the right information is shared with the right people, leading to successful mergers and acquisitions. Merrill helps create and file initial public offering documents, as well as periodic financial disclosures required by the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission and other global exchanges. For more information, see www.merrillcorp.com.

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