Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) Welcomes Tali Rabin as Partner & Chief People Officer (CPO)


Jerusalem, August 23rd, , 2018 – Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), a leading Israeli Venture Capital fund, announced today that it is welcoming Tali Rabin as Partner and Chief People Officer (CPO) to the team.

Tali joins JVP after 20 years developing companies in different stages; supporting merger and acquisition processes; and guiding technology companies to their strategic goals. Tali will work with the team in Israel and NYC in identifying new investments as well as in supporting the growth of the JVP portfolio companies.

Over the past decade, Tali has been living in New York City, fulfilling several executive management roles in human capital development in global corporations. In her most recent role at Computer Generated Solutions based out of New York, which employs over 7,000 people worldwide, she was responsible for the Company’s expansion to several new countries. Among others, she managed the global human capital development in the following Israeli and international companies: NICE Systems, Nortel Networks, Sapiens, 3i-Mind, Spacenet Inc. and Opera Solutions.

Tali’s appointment is part of a series of nominations announced by JVP over the past year to strengthen the team, support the new JVP fund as well as to expand the group’s international activity in NYC and other strategic areas.  In January this year, Fiona Darmon and Yoav Tzruya were appointed as General Partners in the fund. In March 2018, Gadi Porat joined JVP as a Partner and Head of the JVP Cyber Labs.

As Chief People Officer, Tali will focus on generating value for the JVP portfolio companies through enhancing their human capital from the founder and entrepreneur level, through the entire management cadre to the last employee in order to help the company grow, expand, develop a unique corporate culture and become a leading player in its category. JVP believes this focus would help Israeli companies avoid being sold to mega-corporations in their early stages but persist in building their independent international presence and become large companies in themselves.

Erel Margalit, JVP Founder and Chairman, said: “We are excited that Tali is joining JVP. We regard her as partner in building the next generation of JVP companies. I have known Tali for many years as a business associate and as a friend. We are privileged to have her join our team. Tali has extensive connections and has the rare ability to link brilliant Israeli inventors with business leaders, in Israel and abroad. It is time a role focused on developing human capital received the attention it deserves with a dedicated Fund partner. This is aligned with the Fund’s strategy of creating a diversified and cohesive human mix, Israeli and global, capable of nurturing large Israeli and international companies”.

Commenting on her new role, Tali Rabin said: “I am proud and thrilled to join the JVP family and have the opportunity to be a Partner in one of the world’s leading venture capital funds in the world. I have witnessed Erel’s work for many years and have the greatest appreciation for his ventures in Israel and worldwide, in particular as regards the creation of new jobs that make Israel stronger. Leading a shared vision centered on people with Erel and the team of JVP is a wonderful opportunity. Humans are a critical resource that has direct bearing on a company’s business growth and its prospects of becoming global and significant.”

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