Committed To The South


Over 120 entrepreneurs from the south and all over the country showed up today excited to promote their ideas and startups with many Israeli high tech leaders.

Networking and roundtables enabled a direct interaction between the Southern entrepreneurs and prominent high tech leaders and investors.

Gadi Tirosh, JVP general partner: “we are proud to lead this initiative and wish for many more to come and see the potential that exists here in the Negev. It’s all about connections and we believe this event is a significant window of opportunities for the high tech sector”.

“Despite this difficult time people here insist to continue”, said MK Erel Margalit, ” this is our victory photo “.
Orna Berry corporate VP at EMC-RSA, ” we are all committed to assist. This is our mission.”
Izhar Shay, Canaan Partners, “during a crisis people look up for leaders to trust. This conference today is our victory”.
Adi Sofer-Teeni, CEO Facebook Israel, “global companies see growth potential in Israeli startups by assisting them to reach global audiences. I’m very proud to be here today, we are here for you”.

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