JVP Margalit Startup City Delegation to the UAE



Between the 25th-28th of October 2020, the first Israeli high-tech delegation visited the United Arab Emirates. The delegation, led by Dr. Erel Margalit, Founder and Executive Chairman of JVP & Margalit Startup City, included JVP partners as well as 13 CEOs of JVPs leading portfolio companies representing top Israeli technologies in the fields of cybersecurity, foodtech, agritech, fintech and insurtech.

Throughout the successful visit, the delegates met senior ministers, government officials, leading private sector figures, as well as innovation and investment counterparts in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and Emirati high-tech entrepreneurs.

The Emirati Government warmly welcomed the first full delegation of Israeli hi-tech startups and investors since the signing and ratification of the normalization between the countries.

Among others, the delegation met with Her Excellency Mariam bint Mohammed Saeed Hareb Almheiri, UAE Minister for Food Security, as well as with His Excellency Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi, Minister of State for Entrepreneurship and SMEs, UAE Government.

In their discussions, Margalit, together with the representatives from Israeli startups spoke about building cooperation between Israeli and Emirati hi-tech, exploring investment opportunities and deepening the newly found relationship between the two countries. This included a first of its kind ’round table’ meeting between entrepreneurs from Israel and the UAE.

The delegation was accompanied by several journalists representing Israeli and international media outlets, who reported at length on the progress and significance of the visit. In addition, Erel Margalit spoke to a number of local UAE media outlets about the importance of the growing cooperation between the two countries, and the new partnerships in the field of innovation.

The delegation’s visit to the United Arab Emirates has generated a great deal of interest in the local and international media as well as among leading media channels in the Arab world.

The report includes fascinating stories showcasing some of the highlights of the visit as seen from the camera’s point of view and the extensive media coverage across leading press outlets; in print, on television, on the radio and on various Internet channels.

We are proud to be such an integral part of writing the next chapter on Hi-tech in the region, on the blossoming connection between Israeli entrepreneurs and the UAE Hi-tech scene and innovators.




“What we have witnessed and achieved over the last few days amounts to nothing less than historic. After COVID pandemic the world has undergone major changes, and that new themes and new concepts will emerge. Innovation through collaboration is a crucial part of it. Cooperation between our two counties has the potential to lead that change”


“I am proud to have led the first Israeli hi-tech delegation to the Emirates. Our companies have been in business contact with the Emirates for a number of years, and now an opportunity has arisen to expand this network of relationships, deepen the ties significantly, and allow more and more Israeli companies and entrepreneurs to be part of this connection and success”.


“We met young Emirati and international entrepenuer in Dubai men women that have great ideas and for us as JVP as Margalit startup city we come into a place with a creative people and help them do something larger than what they thought they would do in the beginning. For us this would be a great privilege and a great honour to be a part of it”.


“In the Jewish tradition we have a saying called Tikkun Olam the mending of the world and so you mend the world by picking one piece after the other each one of these pieces is a piece of the great light of god. And if you do one justice one act of courtesy you are mending the world. And so if we can mend the world in our imagination, you can mend the world our region by working together by doing business strategies that are socially interesting by bringing food, by bringing water, by bringing healthcare, by bringing things that will give people jobs and livelihood”.


“We are excited and it makes all the Israeli that came with me on this trip not only seeking business, by seeking meaning by trying to do something that is meaningful for their lives, so we feel this is an historic visit, this is an important visit, and we say to our friends in Israel you need to come, you need to see”.


Erel Margalit, PHD,

Founder and Executive Chairman

JVP & Margalit Startup City


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