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Head of Demand Generation -Upsolver


About The Position


We are Upsolver. Our mission is to turn cost-effective cloud data lakes into easy-to-use repositories for all data practitioners, by eliminating the lakes’ notorious engineering complexity. Upsolver cuts 95% from the tedious process of preparing event data for analytics and machine learning, using a visual SQL-based interface, a cloud-native data platform, and deep technology for stream-processing, indexing, and eventually-consistent file systems.

Upsolver is already serving data-driven customers around the world, processing hundreds of petabytes every month Upsolver’s platform is recommended repeatedly by AWS for its unique ease-of-use for even the most challenging use cases and it’s the only officially recommended partner for AWS Athena service. We are a small, highly ambitious team with deep technical expertise who love to simplify and scale data infrastructure. 


Treat the company like it’s yours and earn the customer’s trust; while we must work together as one team, we value integrity first by treating our co-workers, customers, and partners like we would like to be treated ourselves. We obsessively listen to our customers and our teammates to truly understand. We believe in creating the best technology for big data. For us, this means always insisting on the best possible processing performance, the lowest possible infrastructure cost, elasticity, and flexibility to support any possible processing use case. We achieve this by simplifying and inventing solutions that are an order of magnitude easier compared to what our customers currently use. Finally, we value communicating fearlessly by disagreeing and committing. Harmony can be the enemy of excellence and quality. We believe in challenging decisions and deliverables when we disagree, even when doing so is uncomfortable or exhausting. We expect our team to be tenacious and not to compromise for the sake of social cohesion. Once a decision is determined, commit wholly.

Responsibilities and Activities

This position reports to the EVP of Marketing includes the following responsibilities:

●     Planning: Devise and orchestrate the execution of the company’s demand generation program based on business


marketing goals. Model, track and forecast lead funnel conversion rates. Propose and manage personnel and

programs plans and budgets to achieve goals.

●     Campaigns: Manage integrated campaigns. Develop campaign themes, manage execution.

●     PPC/SEM: Formulate a strategy for and oversee PPC lead generation advertising that delivers qualified leads to the


●     SEO: Oversee SEC strategy to ensure Upsolver website captures maximal traffic by publishing pages that rank best

for our prioritized keywords.

●     Referral/Syndication: Evaluate and contract 3rd-party channels for content syndication.

●     Website: Ensure the content required to fulfill the buyer’s journey is complete and easily accessible. Measure and

monitor visitor paths in order to maximize organic lead conversion.

●     Lead management: Operate and optimize the lead management system including lead scoring, assignment, and


●     Analytics: Provide operational and executive reports and dashboards on-demand generation performance plus

insights into root causes of performance changes.

●     Tooling and tech: Evaluate, procure and implement the tools necessary to deliver on the marketing’s commitments

to brand development and sales pipeline.

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