FPGA Engineer- Hyperspace

Tel Aviv

About The Position

Who We Are

Hyperspace is revolutionizing the way connected data is being analyzed, allowing key insights and transaction-based decision-making at a speed that has never been thought possible.

The core of Hyperspace’s technology is a purpose-built, cloud, high-performance acceleration engine optimized for running algorithms and complex queries over multi-dimensional datasets with milliseconds latency!

Hyperspace powers AI groups and data scientists wishing to run algorithms, in true real-time, over large and complex datasets for applications such as recommendation engines, fraud detection, customer 360, navigation, etc.

 What we are looking for

We are seeking a talented hands-on FPGA / Chip Architect, with strong capabilities in the system and hardware-level design, with passion for performance, with the guts to do things differently. If you want to have a lead role in the development of future connected data analytics in the cloud, come and join us.


We have recently secured our seed investment and are looking for an ambitious technology innovator to join our team.



Key Qualifications

●    5+ experience with FPGA application RTL design (Verilog) and FPGA-based systems.

●    Solid programming foundation (e.g. data structure and algorithm, performance).

●    Good understanding of micro-architecture concepts (cache, DMA, pipeline, AXI…).

●    Familiarity with Xilinx Toolchains (Vivado, Vitis).

●    Experience with using any simulator (Modelsim, VCS, etc)

●    Experience with scripting and programming such as C/C++, Python, TCL, PERL

●    Experience writing or maintaining scripts or Makefile that automate flows, revision control, is a plus.



Preferred qualifications

●  Experience with industry-standard protocols (PCI Express, USB, Ethernet, etc).

●  Experience with AWS FPGA design flows (F1 Instance)

●  Experience in developing Xilinx HLS kernels using C++, Open CL.

●  BSc/ MSc in Electrical Engineering/ Computer Engineering


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