Investing in Cyber Security, Cyber Security Summit

July 10, 2019 – July 12, 2019


Hear from JVP’s General Partner Yoav Tzruya on Investing in Cyber Security

Opal’s Cyber Security Summit brings together professionals with varied viewpoints on cybersecurity issues to hear from experts, learn about trends and discuss actionable solutions.

The intention of this event is to support the continuing evolution of cyber defenses for businesses and organizations that drive our economy and our communities.

Now, more than ever, there is an abundance of information and technology assets to defend than ever before, while at the same time there are greater privacy concerns and threats have become more sophisticated.

Those attending most likely understand the scope of the cyber security issues being faced by now. The speakers grasp current threats and will provide takeaways and actionable strategies that can be used today.

Participating partners

Yoav Tzruya
Yoav Tzruya
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