Secret Double Octopus, a provider of keyless secure communications, emerged from stealth mode today with a solution that secures network traffic and authentication beyond the limitations of PKI, SSL and VPN.

Secret Double Octopus helps site-to-site, site-to-cloud, mobile and IoT initiatives overcome the security vulnerabilities of today’s encryption protocols. The approach employs secret sharing, eliminating the need for cryptographic keys and providing protection that information theory has postulated as unbreakable.

Organizations labor to protect communications and data, but every new exploit shows that security can be a moving target. Hackers are becoming more nimble and accessing ever growing computing power. Moreover, IoT and mobile exponentially increase endpoints beyond what can practically be secured with traditional protocols, such as PKI and certificate authorities. The industry has long sought a way to get off the treadmill and find an approach that is sustainable and scalable.

“As hackers become more agile and gain access to increased computing power, the threat of key related exploits becomes even more prevalent,” said Tony Velleca, Chief Information Officer at UST-Global. “The approach taken by Secret Double Octopus goes beyond traditional encryption and is strongly aligned with our vision for next generation security.”

Secret Double Octopus is the first company to use secret sharing to build a network-focused security solution. This enables organizations to keep network traffic and authentication information-theoretically secure. Data is represented by random bits across multiple routes that only when assembled at its destination can be interpreted, hardening communications as a result.

“Well-publicized data breaches and security hacks underscore the need to more effectively secure critical networks,” said Raz Rafaeli, Chief Executive Officer at Secret Double Octopus. “By utilizing secret sharing, we’ve taken a new approach to security that eliminates the encryption key, an exploited single point of failure in today’s security paradigm.”

“Secret Double Octopus addresses shortcomings that have plagued the epicenter of cyber security – protecting data through PKI, and specifically data in transit and PKI based authentication.”, said Yoav Tzruya, partner at JVP, the company’s lead investor. “Leveraging proven approaches, the company does away with all ailments of PKI , while providing secure communication compatible with all current products and networks.”

The leadership team behind Secret Double Octopus has more than 100 years of combined industry and academic experience in networking, information security and computer science. The intellectual property that powers the company’s solutions is based on research conducted at Ben-Gurion University by Prof. Shlomi Dolev, the company’s CSO, and Dr. Shimrit Tzur-David, CTO.

Renowned companies have already partnered with Secret Double Octopus to incorporate secret sharing into their IT infrastructure and further secure their networks. For more information, visit

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