Leading Israeli VC Fund JVP Strengthens Management Team by Promoting Yoav Tzruya and Fiona Darmon to General Partners


November 13th, 2017. Jerusalem, Israel – Jerusalem Venture Partners (“JVP”), a leading Israeli venture capital fund, announced today the promotion of Yoav Tzruya and Fiona Darmon to General Partners of the Fund and Members of the Executive Committee.

Yoav Tzruya, who until recently served as JVP Partner and Head of the JVP Labs in Beer Sheva, has been instrumental in leading several of JVP’s most disruptive investments in the cyber-security and Artificial Intelligence domains, including the investment in CyActive and its subsequent acquisition by Paypal, as well as several additional transactions. With his rich technological background in cyber-security, Artificial Intelligence, networking and media, Yoav has been focused on identifying and nurturing companies from inception to international expansion. A recognized industry leader, Yoav leverages his experience as an executive with various technology and startup companies, as well as in the Israeli Air Force, to the benefit of JVP’s portfolio companies.

Fiona Darmon is among the leading investment figures in the Israeli VC scene, with over 15 years’ experience in a variety of private equity and venture capital investment roles in private and public investment groups. Fiona was among the founding members of Israel’s first corporate VC, shaping numerous companies across the areas of mobile, semiconductors and media. Serving in recent years as Partner and COO of JVP, Fiona brings a unique combination of business and investment acumen to her new role, with strong strategic thinking. Among the chief orchestrators of the Fund’s strategic collaboration framework spanning China, Europe and the US, Fiona bridges between technologies and potential markets.

Erel Margalit, JVP Founder and Chairman: “In recent years, Yoav and Fiona have demonstrated exceptional skills and success in the fields they are leading in the Fund, serving as key drivers in promoting Israeli innovation and investment development, as well as scaling and building companies from seed to growth. As leader of JVP Labs, focused on our early-stage investment strategy, Yoav brings to the role proven experience and expertise in the fields of cyber-security, data analytics, AI and others. As one of Israel’s key female voices in hi-tech, Fiona has served as a major driver in leveraging the Israel innovation ecosystem globally. Together with JVP Managing Partners Kobi Rozengarten, Gadi Tirosh, Rafi Kesten and the rest of the JVP team, Yoav and Fiona have succeeded in building significant strategic ties between Israel and investors from Europe, Asia and the US, opening a gateway for Israeli technologies – bolstered even further with the recent launch of JVP Play. I have no doubt that their contribution will grow as the Fund continues to create and grow new companies focused on disrupting global markets.”

Yoav Tzruya: “Our work with JVP’s partners and CEOs from the Fund’s portfolio over the past few years has been marked with significant successes and top financial performance. This includes establishing our cyber-security hub in Beer-Sheva and teaming up with key multinationals,” said Yoav Tzruya. “I am thrilled to have the chance to continue to materialize JVP’s vision, building category leaders and establishing the foundations for next-generation innovative companies.”

Fiona Darmon: “JVP is one of the most dynamic and forward-thinking VC funds in the world today, and I am proud to have had the privilege of working closely not only with the fund’s management, but also with its investors over the years, sharing not only JVP’s achievements, but the opportunities and progress of Israeli hi-tech as a whole.”
About JVP: Jerusalem Venture Partners (“JVP”) is an internationally recognized top-quartile venture capital firm dedicated to building world-class companies, with an emphasis on emerging technologies from Israel. Established in 1993 by Dr. Erel Margalit, JVP has raised to date close to $1.2 billion across eight funds, spanning all stages of venture capital, from early through expansion-stage. With deep technological expertise and strong company-building skills, JVP has invested in and built over 120 companies over the years in Israel, Europe, Asia and the US. With a global network of strategic business partners spanning the key industries guiding our world today, JVP is renowned for creating some of the largest and most disruptive companies to emerge from Israel. JVP leverages its market expertise, experienced and dedicated team and substantial capital base to build companies with the potential to shape global markets.

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