Yonatan Machado

Partner, JVP Labs

Yonatan co-leads JVP Labs in Jerusalem, JVP’s early stage investment vehicle focusing on Enterprise Software, IoT, Machine Learning and Vision Technologies, amongst other fields. Yonatan co-founded and heads JVP Play, a demand driven POC framework, where multinational corporates, startups and investors come together to solve major market challenges. Yonatan led JVP’s first investment in space technologies, NSLcomm, and sits on the Board of Directors of the company. In Yonatan’s first years at JVP, he was instrumental in many of the fund’s investments, such as Teridion, ControlUp by SmartX, Unispectral and Iguaz.IO. Yonatan also played a significant role in the fund’s M&A transactions including the merge of Playcast Media with GameFly in July 2015 and the sale of Funtactix to Playtech in May 2016. Prior to joining JVP, Yonatan, a licensed lawyer, worked at one of the leading law firms in Israel, E.S Shimron, I. Molcho, Persky & Co, managed by Adv. Issac Molcho, where he was involved in a number of high profile cases. Yonatan served as a Sergeant in an elite combat unit of the IDF and has a joint LLB-MBA honors degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Dream big, execute fully, but never forget to have fun in the process.

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NSLComm has developed innovative satellite technology, comprising a light-weight, expandable antenna with adaptive capabilities, enabling a significantly lower price per bit to the end user.