Yitzhak Zahavy

Finance and Compliance Manager

Yitzhak (Yitz) is the Finance and Compliance Manager at Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) managing issues related to compliance, anti-money laundering and global tax reporting regimes. He is the co-founder and CEO of Taxlucent and previously led PwC Israel’s FATCA and CRS initiatives. Prior to PwC, Yitzhak worked as a senior analyst and project manager at Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse Asset Management.

Yitzhak served as a lecturer at the City University of New York’s Zicklin School of Business and currently lectures at the Galilee International School of Management and is a frequent speaker on the topic of FATCA / CRS and AML. He is ACAMS KYC CDD certified and holds an MBA in finance from Rutgers Business School. Yitzhak is an avid runner and has completed many triathlons and other races he also enjoys exploring the beach and hiking with his wife and five children.