Noa Segre

Director of Investor Relations, JVP

Having been part of JVP for eight years Noa has worked with both the investment professionals and investor relations team giving her a wide scope of understanding of the fund’s outreach and activities. After working closely with all the Fund partners, Noa currently holds the position of Director of Investor Relations where she oversees and directs JVP’s day-to-day investor operations. Prior to JVP, Noa worked for five years for the US State Department in The American Consulate General in Jerusalem overseeing various aspects of the diplomatic mission in Israel. Noa is active in the Jerusalem eco-system and is a promoter of technology for Impact and social change. Noa, fluent in five languages is an Alumnus of Runnymede Collage in Madrid, Spain where she majored in Art History and Photography.

Creating a diversity of investments in innovative technologies while engaging all of the major stakeholders, will promote impact and global social transformation.