Jerusalem Venture Partners To Establish New Tech Incubator In Jerusalem


June 4, 2018 | Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), the international venture capital firm, which already operates the JVP Cyber Labs incubator in Beersheba alongside Ben-Gurion University, has announced it will also establish a branch in Jerusalem to help strengthen local entrepreneurship and contribute to the development of the city’s ecosystem. The new branch will invest in and support companies in the area of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and organizational software. According to Anya Eldan, Vice President and Head of the Startup Division of the Israel Innovation Authority, which runs Israel’s technology incubator program, “Approval of the establishment of a branch actually enables the splitting of the incubator into a central site and its extension,” she said, “In order for the extension’s activities not to take place at the expense of the incubator in Beersheba, the incubator decided that the branch’s activities will be managed by a separate team from Beersheba’s management team.” In addition, she said the committee decided to require the incubator to absorb at least six additional companies in Beersheba until the end of April 2021.

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