Forbes Under 30 Summit EMEA, April, 2017 | The Service Day at JVP: Social Impact Innovation

For the second year, Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) is happy to have hosted the Forbes Under 30 Summit EMEA in Jerusalem on Wednesday, April 5, 2017. This year, JVP facilitated a service day for participants to apply startup-driven technology from across sectors to create social impact and change the world.

This was a great opportunity to gather leaders from different backgrounds to create a unique dialogue through creative brainstorming and creating real-world ideas out of innovative concepts that can contribute to solving global and local challenges.

Such a diverse and exciting event in the city of Jerusalem allowed young entrepreneurs from across borders and cultures to join and collaborate to create innovative ideas that could make a difference in the world. By fostering strong bonds through impactful group work, this experience has led to lasting  relationships and collaborative future projects.

The world’s innovators, tech-enthusiasts and pioneers of the future gathered together to create relationships that will change society for tomorrow and harness the power of technology for social impact projects.

Each participant got a unique opportunity to interact with their counterparts from different, disparate cultures whom they would never have had the opportunity to work with otherwise in a highly creative, entrepreneurial manner to create great ideas which may just change the world. 

Promising startups, that represented the diversity of Israeli innovation, presented their core solutions. Leveraging the disruptive solutions and technology they’ve discussed, the participants, along with a representative from a non-profit organization discussed an idea for social impact and developed innovative solutions for their pain points. These solutions were then be scaled in a way that benefited the startups, participants, and non-profit organizations alike. 

Through creativity, innovation, and thinking outside of the box, the team identified a creative solution to solve the many challenges that face our communities.

It was so amazing hearing the next six big ideas in Social Impact Innovation, at the Forbes Under 30 summit which we were privileged to host. Thank you to all those who united from different countries around the world to participate in the summit. You might have just changed the world!

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