Volunteer at JVP Community

Each year, a new group of 44 eighteen-year-old Israeli volunteers joins the Bakehila family.  These young people defer their military service for a year to serve in educational and social projects in Jerusalem's neighborhoods.


The Shinshinim receive extensive training prior to their service and ongoing supervision during the course of the year, all designed to support them through the many challenges they face living on their own - they share an apartment in the neighborhood in which they are volunteering and working.  Each Shinshin works directly with forty to seventy children on a regular basis.


Bakehila's investment in these young volunteers goes beyond training them to serve parents and children in Jerusalem's depressed neighboorhoods.  Bakehila sees them as future leaders of Israeli society, and aims to help prepare them for that role.


To further their personal and academic development, once a week the Bakehila Shinshinim gather together to participate in a specially designed enrihcment program.  A range of courses on Jewish thought, economics, film, philosophy, art, culture, the "other" Israel and the Middle East are delivered by respected lectureres.  


Additionally, each of the 44 volunteers is given the opportunity to initate projects of his/her own with the assistance and guidance of staff.

In case you can not submit the form - please send directly to: Atara@bakehila.org.il