Maya Roudner

Katamon Community Director

Maya joined Bakehila in 2012.  She has prior experience as the CEO of the Jerusalem Council for the elderly. She also works as an Employment Coordinator at the

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Avigail Gutman

North Jerusalem Community Director

Avigail joined Bakehila in 2012. She is the Community Director of North Jerusalem (Neve Ya'akov & Pisgat Ze'ev Neighborhoods). Avigail has a BA in Education and Geography from Be'er Sheva University and an MA in NGO Management from Hebrew University.

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Yael Yabes

Gilo Community Director

Yael joined Bakehila in 2010. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Education and Theatre and a Masters in NGO Management from the Hebrew University.

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Josefina Spollansky

Director of Resource Development

Josefina joined Bakehila in 2013. She has a B.A. in English-Spanish Translation from the National University of Cordoba, Argentina and a MA in NGO Management from the Hebrew University.

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Aamir Dallashe

Beit Safafa Learning Center Director

Aamir joined Bakehila in 2010. He has prior experience as an instructor for children with disabilities at Israel Elwyn.

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Yair Zaafrany


Yair joined Bakehila in 2006. He worked as an instructor within the Kiryat Hayovel Learning Center...

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Judith Yogev

Professional Content Manager

Judith joined Bakehila in the year 2011. She started out as a coordinator for the commune in Katamon and is now the Professional Content Manager of Bakehila.

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Debbie Margalit

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