The deep blue sea was shining in the early summer sun. The white sand was still undisturbed and the kayaks and boats were waiting silently for JVP’s employees to come.

It was a just before Shavuot, the unofficial beginning of the summer, and JVP Media Quarter employees came to Sdot-Yam Beach near Caesarea, to take a break from the hard work, relax and enjoy life. They did just that.

Apparently, JVP’s portfolio companies excel not only in media and technology, but also in building sand castles and volleyball. A volleyball tournament was held between the portfolio companies. The employees also had to build the best sand logo of their company. TOK, first place in both tournaments, proved they can play with mud as well as they can hit a ball.

TOK is a company in the media labs, which develops innovative social technology platforms that will redefine the way people talk about news and current events.

Double Fusion, similarly, got the second place in both. The third place in the sand logo competition went to Anyclip and Qlipso reached third place in the volley ball tournament.

It was a long day, spent well drinking beer and ice-cold drinks on the beach, rowing in Kayaks and sailing in speed boats. Is there a better way to start the summer?



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