Valooto Ltd., provider of a SaaS Collaborative Sales EngagementPlatform, announced today it has closed a $1.5M seed round from Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) Media Labs.
Founded in October, 2013 by Eyal Elbahary and Alon Lubin,Valooto’s innovative collaborative platform converts sales proposals into live, online, interactive proposals that can be shared, collaborated on, and approved by customers, all in real-time. The result of this unique collaborative process is improved sales velocity,increased sales forecast accuracy and an enhanced customer experience throughout the sales cycle.
ValootoValooto enables sales reps to create optimal sales proposals in minutes, then map the journey of these proposals using built-in tracking and web analytics. Reps get instant feedback on customer engagement with the actual proposal, down to a granular level, while advanced predictive analytics provides guidance on the best actions to take to increase the probability of winning any opportunity.
“The ability to track and measure customer interest in sales proposals revolutionizes the way sales teams and channel partners conduct business,” stated Eyal Elbahary, ValootoCEO and Co-founder.“By emphasizing collaboration between sales teams and potential clients, Valooto helps organizations become more responsive to the needs of their customers and provides real-time insights that help them win more business. Real-time, interactive sales collaboration is the next big evolution in sales.”
Valooto comes as a pre-packaged solution that can be implemented in just 48 hours with no coding or IT support. The platform resets the bar for Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solutions with its unique Zero-Project setup, ease of operation and cost-effective monthly subscription price point,making CPQ affordable to hundreds of thousands of enterprises of all sizes.The platform operates natively within or any cloud-based CRM.
"Valooto’s new and innovative approach to the sales process addresses a large void in the sales optimization market, with the ability to make a major impact on the way enterprises sell and service their customers," stated Haim Kopans, JVP Partner & CTO. "We're proud to add such an innovative and highly promising start-up, led by veteran business and technology executives, to the JVP Media Labs Portfolio."


About Valooto
Valooto's collaborative sales engagement platform revolutionizes the way organizations of all sizes interact with their customers, channel partners and internal sales teams. Its unique socially engaged sales processand data-driven analytics help increase revenues, shorten sales cycles and optimize sales processes.A pre-packaged SaaS solution, Valooto takes only 48-hours to set up and can bemanaged entirely by business stakeholders, without the need for IT support or coding. For more information visit: