Startup of the week / Bringing Grandpa to the smartphone revolution

The technologically-challenged don't want condescending dumb devices, they want help, UIU reasoned, and made a simple interface.

By Amitai Ziv. Published: Mar. 25, 2014 | Haaretz

The smartphone revolution is global, with one billion (!) smart devices sold in 2013 alone. But certain groups remain outside with their noses pressed to the digital window: the technology-challenged, such as senior citizens.

UIU Mobile offers an elegant – and free – solution, called "Wiser": Don't dumb down the phone. Make it easier to use.

"We come from a place of making technology accessible to people who are not tech-savvy," says CEO Amir Kupervas. Many people have advanced phones but don't exploit their capabilities: "We found such a segment, for example, in women aged 45-55."

UIU's idea, the "Wiser Simpler Launcher," effectively places a new interface oevr the smartphone's inherent interface (Android only), making it much easier to use.

"We don't change the external appearance of the device, the plastic, because today's senior citizen is still looking for appeal," says Kupervas. "We add an interface that simplifies access to every application and organizes things."

The Wiser simple launcher can be downloaded free. Once it's installed, instead of a large number of icons on the home screen, the user sees just six, the basics: contacts, dialing, texting (messages), camera, photo album, and applications. such as photography, texting and dialing.

Tapping on any icon will lead to six more icons. Under contacts for instance the user can easily define six preferred people for speed dialing. Under applications you can define quick access to six apps.

The underlying concept is large, clear menus.

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