The JVP Media Quarter continues to serve as one of key focal points to gain insights into the workings and success of Israeli venture and High Tech Start-ups. In a jam packed week, ahead of the Jewish New Year, the ten languages were heard in the corridors of the Media Quarter – and these were not the start-ups but the stream of visitors watching, listening, meeting and questions the Fund Partners and Company Entrepreneurs – how do you build such a startup culture, how do you think of an idea, how do you build a global company.

Delegations came from Spain, Canada, Poland, Denmark, Singapore, Finland and the US.

Deborah Hopkins, Chief Innovation Officer for Citi and Managing Director and Senior Advisor, Citi's Institutional Clients Group, who has been selected by Fortune magazine as the second most powerful woman in American business Is a long standing acquaintance of JVP sitting on the of JVP's successful investment – QLIK Technologies. Hopkins was deeply impressed by the unique model of the JVP Media Quarter.

The Spanish Venture Capital Association delegation, headed by its Chairman Maite Ballester, Managing Partner of 3i, toured the complex following an invitation by JVP's founder and Chairman Erel Margalit, while in Spain last May. The Spanish delegation wanted to learn more about the Israeli model of supporting innovation and startup companies with a view to formulating a similar structure in Spain.

The busy week ended with a visit by a large delegation headed by the mayor of Montreal Gérald Tremblay. At the same time, a delegation of Polish CEOs and executives also toured the premises meeting with portfolio companies and learning about how JVP is championing entrepreneurship and innovation in business, culture and community.

Altogether an exciting and inspiring week.