Minicom Digital Signage (MDS) presented its innovative solutions in the Solution Days 2011 event at the JVP Media Quarter, April 5-7.



During the Solution Days event, which was sponsored by Philips and Invidis Consulting, MDS celebrated its first year as an independent company. Company executives described their strategic repositioning within the digital signage industry, discussed global digital signage market trends and presented their innovative solutions to solve the challenges of today and tomorrow.



MDS took this opportunity to present its new generation of solutions: ScreenGate™ Management Gateway, offering state-of-the-art management capability, including Proof-of-Performance technology, and ScreenGate™ IP Streaming solution, offering streaming media over IP. The company gave event participants a glimpse into the innovative solutions of the future for the digital signage market, which will also be presented in the Lab of the Future.



Also, in order to celebrate its first year as an independent company, MDS invited its customers, partners, and the main players of the digital signage market in Israel to a cocktail gathering in the JVP Media Quarter in Jerusalem.



Ronni Guggenheim, CEO of MDS, said, “We are thrilled to welcome 40 participants from all over the world to Solution Days. This is the proof for us that our repositioning with the launch of our next- generation solutions has been successful, and that our partners are interested in the solutions we provide. Our products enable them to take a more significant part of the overall digital signage ecosystem. With ScreenGate, Minicom Digital Signage has entered a new era of digital signage products, and we wanted to celebrate this good news with our partners and customers