ignitAd introduces the first ad optimization solution with proprietary Bid Optimization Management technology which enables publishers to optimize their bidding & generategreater revenue through predictive analysis & advanced bidding technology

ignitAd (www.ignitad.com), the intuitive self-service ad optimization solution provider, is announcing the launch of its ad optimization solutionfeaturing Bid Optimization Management™, a proprietary predictive analysis and advanced bidding technology that helps publishers increase their advertising revenue.

ignitAd provides a user-friendly and transparent self-service ad optimization solution that auctions any publisher’s available display ad inventory across ad exchanges, ad networks and other demand-side partners. By making ad optimization intuitive and efficient for publishers of any size, ignitAd is creating new content monetization opportunities for its demand-side partners.  


What differentiates ignitAd’s ad optimization solution from others in the online advertising market is its Bid Optimization Management technology, which is based on a proprietary predictive analysis and advanced bidding algorithms. By forecasting demand patterns at various price points using advanced predictive analysis algorithms, ignitAd’s Bid Optimization Management technology can proactively predict the highest paying advertising source for each impression, thereby achieving optimal revenue for the publisher.


For ad networks, ad exchanges and demand-side partners, the ignitAd solution provides an extended reach along with complete publisher transparency and visibility, ensuring that every ad can be traced to the very page of web content on which it ran. “ "We were instantly impressed by ignitAd's excellent service, which got us started on the yield optimization process in no time,” said Mr. Eyal Halimi, co-founder and CEO, ArticlesBase.com, a top-300 ranked publisher. “The technology resulted in much more consistent performance over all of our impressions.”


“We've tried other leading yield optimization solutions, and chose ignitAd due to their better results,” added Halimi.


“With the greatest opportunities in display advertising available on a broad range of publishers, ignitAd’s Bid Optimization Management and predictive analysis technology facilitates ad price optimization for each individual publisher, enabling us to turn any publisher into a premium publisher,” said ignitAd CEO and co-founder Assaf Roth.