Opening of the Learning and Enrichment Centers of JPV Community

Bakehila, November


Every year, JVP Community – Bakehila operates Learning and Enrichment Centers all over Jerusalem. Many children and adolescents come to these local activity centers (from 1st until 12th grade) in the afternoon to receive educational assistance and acquire academic tools, as well as to participate in a broad range of activities. The Learning and Enrichment Centers are scattered around the neighborhoods in which Bakehila is active: Gilo, the Talpiot Projects, Katamonim, Beit Safafa, Neve Yaakov and Pisgat Ze'ev. The Learning Centers will start operating at the beginning of November and will be active throughout the year, 8 months approximately, 3 times a week in the afternoon (the centers are not open on Tuesdays).


Bakehila's Learning and Enrichment Centers are unique due to the fact they are based on a professional model and that they provide high standards, and due to the amount of students to whom they service. It is important to highlight the work continuity carried out by these centers with the students, which starts in the morning at the schools, continues in the afternoon in the learning centers. Furthermore, the individual mentoring provided implies that the children are accompanied many hours of the day.  It has been proved that these kinds of learning and enrichment centers improve the students' grades and performance; raise their self-confidence both at a personal and an educational level, and improve their sense of belonging.


During the current school year, the number of Bakehila's Learning Centers has increased to 132 (an increase of 2 learning centers in comparison to last year), and the number of students increased to 600 (an increase of 50 students).


In addition, the learning program added activities considered suitable to the present needs, for instance "Application's Activity", "Consumer's Rights Activity", and others.


The Learning Centers' staff is made up by coordinators, professional instructors, year-of service volunteers (Shinshinim), girls from the National Service, volunteer students and others.


This project is managed by Judith Yogev, Professional Content Manager of Bakehila.