14 Groups of 9th Graders from Jerusalem Schools presented JVP with their Prototype Inventions as Part of the “Young Israeli Entrepreneurs” Competition
“Droplets for Droppings” for Cleaning Pigeon Droppings off Cars Won the team from the “L’Yad HaUniversita” the desired prize

Dozens of 9th graders taking part in the “Young Israeli Entrepreneurs” Competition arrived at the JVP Media Quarter to compete in the national entrepreneurial contest. The Israeli winner will go on to compete in the worldwide competition.

The groups presented their prototype inventions and got tips from hi-tech entrepreneurs at the JVP Media Quarter on business strategies, marketing and design.

The JVP Media Quarter in Jerusalem is a hub of hi-tech, social and cultural entrepreneurism and the home of the JVP Venture Capital firm founded by Erel Margalit. It’s the 5th year in a row the competition has taken place at the Media Quarter. JVP entrepreneurs helped mentor their younger counterparts and rated their products according to a number of different criteria (innovation, creativity, marketing and design).

According to Margalit: “JVP managers and staff are all motivated by an attitude of daring, determination and a “never say no” attitude. That’s the message I hope these young Jerusalem entrepreneurs took home with them today. I’m sure that the most wonderful inventions can be created in Jerusalem, and that’s what we’re here to help with.”

“We believe that with the right consulting and guidance the young entrepreneurs will reach the national competition with preeminent products. We will continue to accompany and guide them as the tools we provide them today will be valuable when they create the next generation of start-ups.” Said Haim Kopans, Partner & CTO of JVP Media Labs.

Among the inventions displayed: a fragrant laundry basket, a kaleidoscope bottle top, a toilet seat pedal, an aid to foot circulation, a cover/strainer/can opener, a solar mobile device charger, and more.

The schools competing in the competition included Boyer, L’Yad HaUniversita, Mesorati, Tora U’Mada, Givat Gonen, Tichon Leumaniut, Ulpanat Modiin “Orot Modiin,” Ironi Aleph Modiin, Chatav Givat Ze’ev, Chatav Pisgat Ze’ev, and Michlelet ORT.