* Bakehila's learning centers' day camps which ran over Passover vacation provided many activities revolving the holiday. Additionally, the day camps provided attractions for the children and time to cut loose, as the children from Talpiyot, Gilo and Pisgat Ze'ev visited the biblical zoo in Jerusalem for an introductory meeting. The children of Katamonim let loose at the inflatable park 'Kiftzuba'; the children of Neve Ya'akov conducted an 'exodus' themed activity in the ravine in the neighborhood. In contrast, the youth of Neve Yaakov, found an excellent way to spend their summer vacation – a study marathon in preparation for their post-holiday exams.
* Spring reached Beit Safafa as well and even though Passover is not celebrated by the Muslim faith, the spring holiday provided a change in scenery for the students and staff. Four special activity days were conducted over the holiday break including an extreme sports day, an environment day held outdoors, a day for scientific experiments based on water, and a day when 115 of the center's students traveled north where they had fun kayaking in Kfar Bloom and enjoyed a boat trip on the Kineret.

* Passover break was a good opportunity for introductions and bonding for Bakehila's new service year volunteers that will start volunteering this August. The 45 volunteers, which were chosen from hundreds of nominees, arrived at Jerusalem from all over the country and went through a challenging and fun day where they got to know one another and were exposed to some of the activities they will participate in during their oncoming service year.
The amazing race has arrived at Pisgat Ze'ev! As part of the Passover activity at the arts and sciences school's learning center, a school we've started operating at for the first year, the students experienced various crazy and fun missions such as photographing people on the street, riddles, walking with tied legs and more. The children ran the amazing race while cooperating with each other, got acquainted with the neighborhood by foot, met the residents and enjoyed a fun morning with their staff. The participating children had rave reviews: "the best activity I've ever had", "well done for the effort".

*As they returned from Passover vacation, the current 'Bakehila' service year volunteers visited Army Radio's station in Jaffa. As part of their learning program, they toured the station and the studios, learned about behind the scenes of the media industry and on ways to be critical towards media outlets, as well as participated in a voice-over workshop.

* Holocaust Remembrance Day and Memorial Day took place this year at the beginning of April, and were a golden opportunity for the youth and children we work with to take charge and hold memorial ceremonies in the various neighborhoods and schools. This year an emphasis was put on introducing the children to the texts and their backgrounds and their emotional connection to memory. The emotional ceremonies proved again how qualitative the youth in Israel is if only given the chance to prove it.