Jerusalem-based VC fund headed south this Monday to visit the capital of Israel's south, Beer Sheva, as guests of Mayor Rubik Danilovich and the municipality.


JVP's Partners and Senior Managers - Erel Margalit, Gadi Tirosh, Kobi Rozengarten, Haim Kopans, Yoav Tzruya, Uri Adoni, Ronit Dulberg and Fiona Darmon toured the city as part of the budding cooperation between JVP and the city following the earlier visit by the Mayor and his team to the JVP Media Quarter in April.


Beer Sheva is one of the fastest growing cities in Israel. Founded as part of legendary Prime Minister David Ben Gurion's vision for building up Israel's southern region, in recent years the city and its surrounding towns have experienced tremendous growth, with the establishment of new business parks, the renovation of the historic city center, the establishment of a new sports complex and the development of new residential areas.


Among the key forces leading this growth is the new Mayor, who views the imminent relocation of the Israeli military's vast IT center to the city starting 2014, as a major opportunity for the City. Beer Sheva, which is also known as the academic city of Israel given the sprawling Beer Sheva University campus on the outskirts of the city, is currently building one of the largest High Tech parks in Israel, coaxing many large international corporations to this future technology haven.