Good wine, great networking, and an amazing vibe surrounded the evening at the Zou Bisou bar in Tel Aviv, giving Israel’s young and talented entrepreneurs a chance to mingle and network with Alibaba Innovation Venture delegates, JVP partners, and other start-up representatives.
The air was filled with chatter and exchanging of ideas, as well as business cards, between our friends from China, the more than 150 Israeli startups that arrived to enjoy the evening, and JVP’s partners: Kobi Rozengarten, Gadi Tirosh, Raffi Kesten, Fiona Darmon, Haim Kopans, Yoav Tzruya, and Uri Adoni. After a successful event as last night’s, we look forward to the next one!


Left: Kobi Rozengarten, Gadi Tirosh, Haim Kopans

JVP Partners and associates together with AliBaba Innovation Venture