GreenSQL,  a  leader  in  unified  database  security and  compliance,  announced  today  that Jerusalem Venture  Partners  (JVP), Israel’s leading venture firm in the cyber-security sector, would be investing in the company with  participation  from  all  its  existing  investors  including  Magma  Venture  Capital, 

Rhodium, Atlantic Capital Partners, Gandyr and 2Bangels. Proceeds  from  the  round will be used  to support international business expansion and  the growing needs of enterprise clients to secure their database applications as they migrate to the cloud.  



Founded  in  2009,  GreenSQL  is  a  software-based  solution  installed  as  a frontend to the database layer,  fully camouflaging and securing the database, while eliminating database vulnerabilities in the face of modern day cyber-attacks. GreenSQL has over 150,000  downloads  worldwide  and  provides  protection from  internal  and  external threats in real time. The software is the most popular data security and compliance solution  worldwide  and  prevents  SQL  injection  attacks  (today's  number  1  data breach method),  at  the  database  layer  while  enforcing  the  deepest  separation-of- duties (SOD) for the most common databases. GreenSQL solutions are easy to install, configure, manage and maintain, and can be up and running within an organization. 

"This  strategic  partnership  with  JVP  will  allow  GreenSQL  to  expand  its  activities globally  and capitalize  on  our  leading  position  in  securing  database  deployments over cloud platforms like Amazon RDS and Microsoft Azure," said Amir Sadeh, CEO of  GreenSQL.  "Our  low-touch  solutions  allow organizations  to  overcome  their  top database  security  and  compliance  concerns  by  complying  with the latest  database regulations  requirements,  blocking  unauthorized  database  access,  and  auditing 

the activities of authorized users. Our solutions can be applied  to databases at  the corporate or department level, and deployed on-premise or over the cloud."

JVP’s  investment  in  GreenSQL  reinforces  its  emphasis  on  identifying  leading  Israeli cyber-security firms  with  strong  technological  advantages  and  immense  growth potential. JVP is the lead investor in several of Israel’s top cyber-security companies including CyberArk, Nativeflow, ThetaRay, CyActive and operates the JVP Cyber Labs 

"GreenSQL is at  the cutting-edge of database and cloud  security and is providing a product  that  fills a major market need," said  JVP General Partner Gadi Tirosh.  "We are thrilled to be adding such a strong company to our cyber portfolio and see this company's success and ongoing potential as a  further testament to the strength of the Israeli cyber-security sector and the innovation that drives it."