The Partners recently hosted the Mayor of Be'er Sheva, Ruvik Danilovich and his senior team at the JVPMedia Quarter in Jerusalem.

Founder and Chairman Erel Margalit together with General Partner Gadi Tirosh and JVP media Labs incubator Partners, Haim Kopans and Yoav Tzruya discussed with Mayor Ruvik Danilovich and his team the possibility of replicating JVP’s successful Media Quarter model in Be'er Sheva.

The unique model of the JVP Media Quarter in Jerusalem brings together business, social and cultural entrepreneurship under one roof with 250 dynamic employees working throughout the complex. The investment in these three aspects was – and still is – a vital part in the rejuvenation of Jerusalem. Replicating this model in Be'er Sheva will be a significant step in strengthening the Negev (southern part of Israel), creating new jobs for young entrepreneurs and developing the city economically and socially.

Danilovich was accompanied by municipal director general, Avishag Avtuvi and Sima Kahlon, CEO of Yozem center for the advancement of business in Be'er Sheva. The southern delegation was impressed by the unique incubator model and by the social projects led by “Bakehila”.

The meeting between the teams is a continuation of a series of meeting and tours that were held recently between the Partners and leading figures in Be'er Sheva. Last month Margalit, Tzruya and Kopans met with Prof. Rivka Carmi, the president of Ben Gurion University and toured various departments examine the academic potential in the city.

The delegation also visited Zappa Jerusalem in the LAB, a joint venture between the cultural arts center, the LAB, and the successful nationwide Zappa Music Club, one of the focal points of the JVP Media Quarter. “I see great importance in developing more cultural centers in Be'er Sheva,” Danilovich said, adding that as a city with half of the population under the age of 35, Beer Sheva would love to cooperate with JVP and the Zappa Music Club.

During the visit, the JVP team noted that Be'er Sheva is a city of opportunities. Now, more than ever, it is possible to encourage entrepreneurship in various areas, which will put Be'er Sheva on the map. “Entrepreneurship and innovation is our way of strengthening Israeli society and specifically the Negev. We have to keep innovating. Innovation is the root of our existence,” Margalit exclaimed.

Danilovich told the team that Be'er Sheva is now at an inflection point in terms of infrastructure and culture. With cooperation of this kind, Dalilovich added, it is possible rise to the challenge and make Be'er Sheva excel.