Thursday, February 9, 2012, Jerusalem Venture Partners - Dozens of elementary school students from the Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo were thrilled to meet Erel Margalit and a group of volunteers from the JVP media quarter for a morning devoted to making Jerusalem greener. Margalit is the founder and manager of JVP and chairman of JVP Bakehila, a non-profit organization created to serve as a catalyst for social mobility in Jerusalem disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Margalit and members of the JVP team decided to take a break from their bustling workday to take part in a Bakehila Tu B’Shvat initiative to plant trees in the grounds surrounding a Gilo elementary school. The volunteers and schoolchildren constructed a unique gardening system based on advanced technology and made the school’s walls bloom.

The project was carried out under the supervision of Yair Shragey, who specializes in working with children and sustainable gardening. One of the participants in the Tu B’Shvat initiative was Galia Cohen, a member of the JVP technology lab team, and former student at the same Gilo elementary school where the Bakehila project took place.

Margalit invited all the children to visit the JVP media quarter and expressed hope that that trees that were planted would create a greener, flourishing and enjoyable learning environment for the students that would last for years to come.