A group of high level Investors and businessmen from India and the United States toured JVP Media Quarter Tuesday, as part of an acquaintance visit to Israel.

The group, of about 10 investors, met with some of the portfolio companies in the media Quarter, accompanies by JVP’s VP for Investor relations, Fiona Darmon. The investors were especially impressed by ComQi's innovative, cutting edge message management platforms, which are tailored to engage consumers. The platform offers a unique way of connecting message board engagements with a costumers’ mobile phone in a way that revolutionizes the shopping experience.

The investors also met with the Qlipso team, and heard about Mixin, a new product that makes video truly social, a market that was almost untapped by now.

Following the tour of The Media Quarter, the investors listened to a panel about Investing in Israel, with JVP General Partner, Kobi Rozengarten, Tal Keinan from the asset management firm KCPS and Yariv Gilat of Kryptonite


Rozengarten explained during the panel that JVP changed over the years shifting its focus from developing technology for the communication giants to making products and technology focused on the consumer and end user.


"That is where cooperating with India becomes interesting," some of the investor said. "When reaching the end user – that is where you really have a market."


The visit was organized by Amir Elbaz CEO, Viumbe, Inc., an integrated digital media company comprised of several online properties. Among the participants were Dr. Vinay Nair Founder & CEO of Ada Investments, Sid Yog, co-founded Xander, is an institutional investment firm focused on long term, value investing and Mr. Guru Ramakrishnan Founding Partner, Meru Capital Group LLC.