Microsoft Ventures concluded yesterday their first cybersecurity accelerator in Israel. Eleven companies graduated from the program, including startups from India, Israel, Japan, Slovenia and Spain. Approximately 300 companies from 33 countries submitted applications for the program. Graduates of this vertical accelerator – six in the cybersecurity field and five in the medical field – presented the products they developed at last night’s Demo Day event. The event was attended by hundreds of high-tech executives and investors from Israel and around the world.


Hanan Lavy, Managing Director of Microsoft Ventures Tel Aviv (Left) and Yoav Tzruya, Partner JVP Cyber LabsThe current accelerator brought in a number of global companies as partners who provided knowledge and expertise, professional consulting and networking to large companies around the world. In the cyber field, partners included cloud service provider Akamai and Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), a leading Israeli venture capital fund with a strong focus on cyber security.


“The program that was recently completed is special and significant, as it marks the maturing of the accelerator model,” says Hanan Lavy, Managing Director of Microsoft Ventures Tel Aviv. “The combined forces of leading corporates such as Akamai and BD, as well as JVP and Healthbox, together with Microsoft, created a great opportunity for the startups to gain unparalleled access to knowledge and relevant market”.