The panels: "Capital Markets – Can't live with them, Cant' live without them" and "Life in the New Media".

The two day conference is attended by more than 3000 delegates, and hosts Israel's leaders and decision makers from the political and financial fields, discussing the latest trends in the local and global markets. Erel illustrated the ability to create leading international companies through the QlikTech (NASDAQ: QLIK) example and explained his view on the different strategies for companies to raise money.


Joining Erel on the Capital Markets panel was Yoram Tietz, Managing Partner at Ernest & Young; Shuki Oren, Accountant General of Ministry of Finance; Daniel Birnbaum, CEO of Soda Stream; Ofer Grinbaum, CEO of Leumi Partners Underwriters; Tuvia Gefen, Partner at Nachitz Brandes and Lawrence Leibowitz, VP of the NYSE Euronext.


Joining Erel on the New Media panel was Meir Brand, Regional Director, Google Israel, South Africa and Greece; Spencer Reiss, Contributing Editor, Wired Magazine; Iris Beck, CEO of McCann Erickson Israel; Isaac Benbenisti, CEO of Bezeq International.